Professional Women's Network Romania announces the 6th edition of the Mentoring Program

Professional Women's Network Romania announces the 6th edition of the Mentoring Program

For the first time, enrollment is open to men also, until May 7

The mentoring program of the Professional Women's Network Romania Association, whose objective is to support the professional and personal development of young women in mid-management or early career positions, returns on May 13 with the sixth edition to be held in May 2019 - January 2020.

Through 1-to-1 mentoring sessions (individual mentor-mentee meetings) as well as group workshops organized in the Mentorat community, the program provides access to valuable resources, ladies and gentlemen with complex experiences in area of ​​personal development, career and / or own business.

Launched in 2013, the Program has so far managed to gather a community of over 200 mentors and mentor nearly 300 women (mentees) supporters of the organization, from diverse fields such as media and advertising, HR & executive search, pharma, auto, banking, technology, IT and non-governmental organizations.

"An unique program through scale, constant and independent, mentoring is credited for the authentic development and leadership impact it has on young women in mid-management positions. A generic promoted mentor is, "The more you give your soul, without waiting for something to get in return, the more it comes back," says Paula Buse, Vice President of Mentoring PWN Romania.

The previous edition of the program, run from March 2018 to March 2019, drew 55 mentors and 60 mentored young men who were supported in their professional and personal development. We can estimate that more than 1,000 meetings and a joint 250-day volunteer workout took place during the program.

At the end of the program, more than 75% of the mentored young women appreciated the experience gained as "exceptional" and the relationship with the mentor - "a relationship that will last in time".

Among the acquired skills are better time management, decision-making, courage and support to enter the path of entrepreneurship or career advancement.

"The key is to define successes and goals, how to look at things from multiple perspectives. And how to find resources that you did not even know you had ", adds Paula Buse. "For the first time, the 6th edition aims to attract young people to the program, for us it is extremely important for future managers to change their perspective and to understand the benefits of working with ladies that bring different management capabilities to the team."

"The PWN Romania mentoring program is one of the association's most successful programs. Over the years, we have noted remarkable results in the professional and personal performance of the youngsters who have benefited from the support of our mentors, "says Virginia Otel, president of PWN Romania."This model will be soon replicated by the other two areas that we focus on - the Entrepreneurship Pillar and the Women's Pillar on the Board of Directors, both of which will launch their own mentoring program for women entrepreneurs, namely women who want to join - A Board of Directors or Supervision Board ".

Further details on the Pillar of Mentoring are available on LinkedIN and in the movie release of the 2018 edition.

Mentoring Program in Brief:

Eligibility and enrollment

Mentees profile - Young and ambitious young people with at least 3 years of management experience aspiring to executive positions in companies or attaining personal development goals.

Mentors profile - Experienced professionals, Level C executives and / or entrepreneurs with a successful portfolio who want to contribute to the development of younger generations, offering their time and wisdom.

Membership of PWN Romania is not a condition for participating in this program.

Organization details:

  • The program starts on May 13 with a introductory and presentation session of the mentors enrolled in the program;
  • Next, the matching procedure  takes place to complete matching teams of mentors - mentees, which will be allocated to an angel mentoring - facilitator;
  • Teams will participate in an applied workshop to understand and streamline their own mentoring process in which they will participate in the next nine months;
  • Throughout the program, the Mentor Pillar will organize a series of learning and networking events with special guests;
  • The program will end with a ceremony that will present the results and experiences of the teams involved, also gathering opinions and suggestions for improving the process for the next edition.

Participation and registration costs

Mentor's contribution is traditionally offered pro-bono in the spirit of the PWN Romania association whose members are volunteering. The mentoring young women and men will pay a registration fee of 400 RON.

Enrolling in the program is made by filling an online form:
Mentors - link. Mentees - link.

Partners: Orange and Genpact.