Come to Leadership 4.0 event to learn about the transformation of leaders in the digital economy

Come to "Leadership 4.0" event to learn about the transformation of leaders in the digital economy

CARIERE Magazine organizes the Leadership 4.0 - Transforming Leaders in the Digital Economy on May 22, 2019 at the Sheraton Bucharest Hotel in Bucharest.

The keynote speaker will be Matthew K. Cross. He is the founder and CEO of the Leadership Alliance, a personalized consulting firm working with Fortune 100 organizations and elite institutions such as Stanford University.

Among the companies with which Matthew K. Cross collaborated are: Bank of America, ING, BlackRock, Allianz, Merrill Lynch, UBS, Home Depot, Qlik.

Specialist in Hoshin North Star, athlete and visionary, Matthew offers through his work a guideline for leadership, genius, alignment and performance of organizations, teams and people.

Cross's next book, "The Most Successful Business Story Never Said", is dedicated to the systems behind successful organizations.

Among the previously published titles we mention:

  • The Hoshin NorthStar Process- Set your priorities straight in 7 Steps;
  • The Millionaire’s Map; Nature’s Secret Nutrient—Golden ratio biomimcry for PEAK health, performance & longevity;
  • The Little Book of Romanian Wisdom;
  • The Golden Ratio & Fibonacci Sequence.

The Leadership 4.0 conference and workshops are dedicated to decision makers in companies who want to understand how leadership has evolved and how leadership is changing in the digital age.

We will discuss about:

  • How Millennials revolutionize the leadership style and how leaders manage the resistance to changing a team;
  • the ability of a leader to influence and which are the most important qualities and skills that a leader must have;
  • managing the mix of generations and how a leader manages the intergenerational conflict;
  • how a leader chooses the people to team up with;
  • diversity of skills, personalities from a team;
  • Humble leadership: what it is, how and why it works even in the digital age;
  • how we manage to motivate people to achieve optimum performance.

Among the speakers are: Cristina Timis - Vice President, Cris-Tim Group, Dragos Ion - Managing Partner, iD learning, Diana Elena Onila - Senior Consultant and Senior Trainer, Lucia Pop - Managing Director, ALP Edu Pro - The Open Partner University, Prof. Dr. Lavinia Rasca- Strategy and Entrepreneurship Teacher, ASEBUSS, Moderator Daniela Palade Teodorescu, Editor-in-Chief, CAREERS Magazine.

The event will bring together 150 participants: CEOs, GM, Business Unit Directors, Sales Directors, Entrepreneurs, HR Managers, L & D Managers, OD Managers, Talent Managers, EE Managers, Team Leaders and Specialists Concerned to Improve Team Performance.

Partners of the event: ID Learning, Telekom, ALP Edu Pro - The Open University Partner, Cris-Tim Group; Annual Partner: Romanian Software.

More details on participation and registrations can be found on the event site:

For registration and additional information you can contact Laura GHEBOIANU - Event Project Manager, Tel: 0726.768.079 or email at events@cariereonline.ro.