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Foreign direct investment in Europe declines for the first time in the last six years

US investments in Europe decline for the first time in the past three years

Mentality and fear of failure, the main obstacles for those who want to start a business in Romania

Mentality and fear of failure rank first among the top obstacles for those who…

Deloitte report: Two billion youth risk of being left behind in the Fourth Industrial Revolution workforce

By 2030, more than half of the almost two billion youth worldwide will not…

Business (r)Evolution Conference in Bucharest, Digitization - Trend or Tsunami? How does digitization transform Romania's economy

Leading executives from local and multinational companies and major entrepreneurs from Romania are expected…

5 conditions for strengthening entrepreneurship

Large companies are associated with bureaucracy. The busy organizational structure, excess procedures, endless emails…


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To be or not to be a game changer with digital transformation?  To be

MCR Interview: Violeta Luca, Retail Director, METRO Cash & Carry

Trust in the Economic Environment Is Crucial for the Future Evolution of Businesses

Businesses in the EU will soon have to adjust to a new trading reality,…

Digital Innovation Leads to a Healthy and Growing Economy

One part of the current economic equation is that the biggest change for companies…

The influence of economy  on patient behavior

Our problem is that we are not focused on exploiting what we have (like…

Romania's growth needs solid grounds and sustainable policies

Increasing competitiveness through innovation and R&D, brand enhancement and digitalization need to be on…


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Community Index Magazine: The only bilingual magazine dedicated to the sustainability and strategic CSR in Romania

The Azores Sustainability & CSR Services launches in June 2019 the first edition of…

Businessman Brad Keywell is EY World Entrepreneur of the YearTM 2019

Brad Keywell, CEO of Uptake Technologies Inc., was named EY World Entrepreneur of the…

ELITE Business Women reinvested 40% of the ELITE membership to finance the Elite Business Women Affiliate Program & Investment Fund!

On Thursday, May 16, in Bucharest, took place the 4th edition of ELITE Gala…

Come to

CARIERE Magazine organizes the Leadership 4.0 - Transforming Leaders in the Digital Economy on…

Professional Women's Network Romania announces the 6th edition of the Mentoring Program

For the first time, enrollment is open to men also, until May 7


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