Petrom put EUR 30 million in CSR projects in the last 6 years

In education, Petrom has rehabilitated 60 schools in rural communities of 19 counties, donated 425 computers and 30 printers for 57 rural schools, has awarded more than 1,300 Olympics, supported with monthly grants, special prizes, summer camps. It also prepared over 1,500 preschool pupils to integrate in primary education, through 'Every child in school' project.

Also, 880 high school students participated in courses where they developed  leadership skills, communication, teamwork and initiative within the program 'Authentic Leadership', and 40 students participated in the ASPIRE Academy. Added to this, the program 'Health and safety in communities', 3,900 children have gotfamiliar with the concepts of disaster response, household hazards, emergency evacuation and traffic on public roads, and' Young fighting addictions millennium ', in which more than 1,700 children were informed about the risks of tobacco use.

Related to health, some 1,344 people in 31 communities were tested for Hepatitis B, C and HIV within the project "The mobile laboratory in Dobrudja” and 765 children and 50 adults of Scheia, Galati county received free ophthalmic and dental consultations within the program 'Life has priority'.

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