Manpower Romania: Low hiring predictions in the next three months

Less than a fifth (17 percent) of companies in Romania claim to hire in the next three months, with lower hiring predictions compared with several months ago, according to a study conducted by ManpowerGroup Romania.

"Despite the economic crisis in Europe, Romanian employers anticipate further job opportunities for those looking for a job in the first three months of 2013. The most significant increase in hiring activity in Q2 2008 and to date, are foreseen in the wholesale and retail trade. Deepening debt crisis in Europe still impact the business area of Romania, and this could turn into a prolonged slowdown of economic development," Valentin Petrof, CEO of ManpowerGroup Romania said.

Manpower survey, conducted on a sample of 635 employers operating in Romania used an indicator - Net Employment Outlook, calculated as the difference between the percentage of employers anticipating an increase in volume in hiring and proportion of employers predicting a decrease in the number of employees in the fourth quarter.