HTC Vive improves premium VR portfolio with new hardware, unlimited software subscription and content   partnerships

HTC Vive improves premium VR portfolio with new hardware, unlimited software subscription and content partnerships

VIVE Pro Eye sets a new standard for VR headphones range, VIVEPORT Infinity allows unlimited access to content and Vive COSMOS with Vive Reality System reimagines VR's possibilities

HTC VIVE ™, a leader in virtual reality (VR) room-scales type, announced yesterday new offers of hardware, software and content that redefine VR experience. With VIVE Pro Eye, a new headset with integrated eye-tracking technology, VIV Pro's VR experience has become even better.

In addition, VIVEPORT, HTC's global VR content store, has announced unlimited access to Viveport Infinity for the best content to be available at any time. HTC also introduced a developer kit for a later headset, VIVECOSMOS, with a new level of accessibility and ease of use.

Presented with Cosmos, the Vive Reality system reinterprets how VR should look like in the era of space computing, with new ways of displaying content and transporting users across immersive environments.These advances in premium VR not only offer technology and top-class content, but also try to redefine how VR is accessed and experienced for both consumers and businesses.

Vive Pro Eye

Vive Pro, built to meet the needs of professional VR users, has been enhanced by integrated eye tracking technology on the new Vive Pro Eye, which offers users new levels of accessibility, including menu navigation by directing viewing and eliminating the need for controllers. By including the eye tracking system, the new Vive Pro Eye will enable companies and developers to gather more training data, optimize computer performance and VR, and provide unprecedented product design and unprecedented levels of feedback to groups research.

Major League Baseball (MLB) first used the eye tracking system on Vive Pro Eye at CES 2019. Eye tracking is integrated into the "MLB Home Run Derby VR" video game experience, allowing users to completely control the menu without a traditional controller. Fans can try out the new Vive Pro Eye from 2019.

"We've invested in VR technology to bring fans a fun and exciting experience and a connection to our sport and to provide a new level of involvement through VR competitions, home games and park attractions," said Jamie Leece, senior vice president, Games and VR, Major League Baseball. "By integrating eye-tracking technology into the Home Run Derby VR, we can take this baseball transformer experience to any location without the need for extra controllers. Our fans can simply use the drops with the eyes. "

Vive Pro Eye is designed for the enterprise market where the eye tracking system has a number of immediate benefits - from performance, accessibility and improvement in training applications. In addition, developers will benefit from it by minimizing the computing resources needed to deliver the latest generation VR environments.

The new Vive Pro Eye will be launched in the second quarter of 2019.


Viveport Infinity

Today was announced the biggest upgrade to the Viveport subscription service so far. The first unlimited subscription service for VR, Viveport Infinity, allows members to discover and explore at any time hundreds of virtual destinations with unlimited access.

"Today we announce the Viveport Infinity, the next stage in Viveport evolution," said Rikard Steiber, president of Viveport. "When we launched our first subscription service, we gave consumers the opportunity to try out five headlines per month. Now, with Viveport Infinity, we offer our members the best value in VR content, with 100 times more options, all at a low price."

Starting April 5, 2019, Vive Day, members can download and try any of the over 500 titles from the Viveport Infinity Library, without restrictions. This unlimited subscription model will give members the opportunity to save thousands of dollars on top-quality content, while allowing them to discover new experiences.

With Viveport Infinity, members will be able to try to access independent developers or shorter experiences they did not want to pay while keeping favorites like Seeking Dawn and Torn downloaded and ready to roll. Members will be able to access Viveport Infinity on all current and future Vive devices as well as Oculus Rift and other devices in the Wave ecosystem.

VIVE Cosmos

Introduced for the first time today, Vive Cosmos is Vive's newest VR headset and offers ultimate comfort and ease of use, guaranteeing consumers access to the virtual world at all times. Without the necessary external base stations, Vive Cosmos maximizes space flexibility at home or on the move and can be powered by more than one traditional gaming PC.

"We have found that over 85% of VR users believe ease of use and configuration is the most important factor to consider when buying a headset," said Daniel O'Brien, GM, America, HTC Vive. "Cosmos will make VR more accessible to those who probably have not invested in the VR and will be a superior experience for VR enthusiasts."

With the introduction of Cosmos, HTC aims to redefine how VR is accessed by providing a quick set-up and used headset that can be worn in new playback environments.
Cosmos will be the first Vive headset with "Vive Reality System', a completely new design experience for VR.

HTC will first offer Vive Cosmos kits for developers in early 2019, and more details about availability and price will be announced throughout the year.

Vive Reality System

HTC's Creative Labs team also featured Vive Reality System, a completely reinvented way of experimenting with the virtual world, which includes the total experience of users from the moment the helmet is put to the way they interact with the content.

"Our philosophy has always been focused on developing excellent products and experiences to create a bridge between the real world and the virtual world effortlessly, and with Vive Reality System we have designed to reimagine the experience of the basic Vive software to respond to these needs, "said Drew Bamford, VP, Creative Labs, HTC Vive.
"The tools and environments that make up Vive Reality System intend to make it accessible to all space computing, wherever it takes to travel in captivating worlds. We want VR to be perceived less as a launch of applications and more as a crossing of the worlds. "

The Vive Reality System includes both operational and experiential elements, impacting on the entire Vive product portfolio, and first experimented with Vive Cosmos. As part of the project, Vive has announced an agreement with Mozilla to launch the first VIV dedicated Vive browser.

Vive Reality System will bring experience to the entire Vive product portfolio and will be available first on Vive Cosmos, released later this year.