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Five Myths About Reverse Factoring Financing

With benefits for the entire business ecosystem, Reverse Factoring operations registered in 2020 an…

ING Bank Romania: the six simple steps to access the New House and what alternatives you have at your disposal

In the six years since it joined the First House program, now in its…

ING Bank Romania: One of three Romanians believes that money controls his life

Only one of three Romanians says they often discuss the financial situation with friends…

ING study: Eight out of ten Romanians are more concerned about saving and are willing to work harder, amid the Covid-19 pandemic

Thus, Romanians are at the top of the European ranking, followed by Poles (82%),…

ING study: three out of five Romanians buy a house in no more than three months, and most of them view no more than five properties before purchase

Over 60.9% of Romanians found their house after having viewed up to five properties

Seven out of 10 Europeans are more concerned about the level of debt in the context of COVID-19

Debts can be a useful financial instrument if they are managed efficiently

Four out of 10 Romanians reduced their expenses and three out of 10 saved more during the isolation regime

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and of the restrictive measures imposed was also…

8 out of 10 Romanians want to move to a circular economy

The environment protection must be an economic priority

Crestere comerciala solida si utilizare tot mai intensa a canalelor digitale in prima jumatate a anului 2019

Noul CEO, Mihaela Bitu, a preluat conducerea bancii, nu doar intr-o noua etapa din…

63% of Romanians think they will have to work after the retirement age

Only 26% of Europeans expect to have the same standard of living after retirement.

ING Bank Romania S1 2018 - number of growing clients and the launch of ING Pay,  pay phone service

The number of clients continued to grow steadily, with 15% from one year to…

Happy couples, more inclined to put their money together

More than half of Europeans who say they are happy in their couple relationship…