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ING Bank Romania: positive evolution of crediting and new products in Q3

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ING Bank study and Startarium: 68% of employees and 87% of freelancers intend to become entrepreneurs in the next two years

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Bucharest will host Dare to Learn - the largest event in Europe dedicated to teachers

Radu Szekely: "We will connect Romanian teachers with global leaders in education"

Lucica Pitulice is the new Chief Financial Officer of ING Bank Romania

With over 20 years of experience in the banking industry and a strong track record in…

ING Bank Romania implements the flexible working model: extended weekends and one day a week from the office, on average

For a culture of flexibility to flourish, there must be a well-settled base and a ground…

ING Bank Romania announces the continuation of the IMM Invest program and the start of the Agro IMM Invest 2022 subprogram

And this year, ING continues to support the Romanian business environment through IMM…

ING Bank Romania offers a 0.3 percentage point reduction in interest on mortgages, until March 15

The discount applies to all new mortgages, but also to customers who have already started…


Wholesale Financial Services
- Payments and Cash Management

- Funds Administration

- Remote Banking Services (Systems): Multicash, Internet Banking, Interactive Voice Response.

- Other Electronic Products and Services: DPE Printing, Cheque Manager, E-Customs

Financial Markets

- Spot and Forward Foreign Exchange Transactions

- ROL and Hard Currency Time Deposits

- Investments in Treasury Certificates

- Buy/Sell-back Agreements with ROL/USD Romanian Government Securities

- Forecasts and Market

ING Securities

ING Securities is a brokerage company established in 1997, aiming to provide quality services on the Romanian capital market to its local and foreign clients. ING Securities is the largest dealer in equities on the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

Documentary Trade

- Inward/ Outward Documentary Collection

- Import/ Export Letter of Credits (irrevocable confirmed / not-confirmed, transferable, sight / time etc)

- Standby Letter of Credits.

- Bank Guarantees (payment guarantees, performance bonds, tender bonds, repayment guarantees, retention money guarantees etc).

Specialised Trade Products

- discounting bill of exchange within/ outside of a letter of credit, - advances of proceeds based on letter of credit def-payment commitment,

- aval under payment instruments and

- other tailor-made facilities for import/export financing needs

Product Expertise


Short term financing (working capital):

- Overdraft facilities

- Short-term advances

- Guarantees

- Letters of Credit

- Invoice discounting

Medium and long-term facilities

Structured Lending

- Syndicated loans

- Trade and Commodity financing

- Project Finance

- Export Credit

Investment Banking

- Financial advisory for merger and acquisitions

- Equity capital market:

- Debt capital markets

- Depository services for domestic mutual funds and venture funds.

- Custody services for American and Global Depository Receipt Programs.

- Safekeeping and registration of securities.

- Settlement of securities transactions.

- Corporate actions, proxy voting and income collection.

- Tax reclaim.

- Portfolio valuation.

- Foreign exchange.

- Calculation of the net asset value for investment funds.

- Record keeping of the holders of fund units.

- Market information and updates

Retail Financial Services

Retail banking

As of July 2004, ING provides modern retail banking services through a network of ING Offices which offer clients easy access to their funds seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Every ING Office includes two working areas - one operated by ING Office Managers providing assistance, and the Self'Bank area, offering clients the possibility to manage their own accounts and financial situation. The Self'Bank area includes two innovative terminals. Bancomat+ is the only terminal on the Romanian market that also allows cash deposits besides cash withdrawals. Multimat offers step-by-step guidance to any operation without cash: paying bills, making bank transfers, getting bank statements or making payments deposit.

ING opened 39 ING Offices by end of 2004 in the main cities of Romania, planning to extend the network to 100 ING Offices until the end of 2005.

- CURRENT ACCOUNT OPERATIONS: current accounts in main currencies (ROL, EUR, USD, etc.), cash transactions, travelers cheques, bank transfers in ROL and foreign currencies, foreign exchange. Bancomat + allows cash withdrawal and depositing.

- SAVINGS: term deposits in ROL and main currencies (different tenors - 1 month to 1 year), Treasury bills in USD and ROL (only available at bank's counters, but the balance can be visualised at ING Multimat)

- VISA CARDS: Classic and Gold, in ROL and USD, domestic and international, with Personal Accident Insurance option and Automatic Balance Transfer option

- MORTGAGE LOANS in local and hard currency (EUR) with the longest reimbursement on the Romanian market (up to 25 years)

- TRAVEL SERVICES: cash withdrawals in international currencies (the card attached to Cont ROL may be used for foreign currency withdrawal and at POS outside Romania), travelers cheques

- SIDE SERVICES: customer services available by phone and by internet

Private Wealth Management



- CONFIDENTIALITY: hold Mail service, custody services

- SECURITY: life insurance and pension products through ING Nederlanden

General info

Fiscal Identification Code: 6151100
Registry of Commerce Number: J40/16100/1994
NACE CODE: (6419) Other monetary intermediation


  • Address: Strada Aviator Popisteanu, Nr. 54a, SECTOR 1, BUCURESTI

Latest financial results

TOTAL ASSETS : 63,073,900,000 (RON)
PROFIT LOSS : 1,249,600,065 (RON)
MARKET SHARE : 9.00 (%)
TOTAL ASSETS : 59,306,109,224 (RON)
PROFIT LOSS : 1,047,142,280 (RON)
MARKET SHARE : 9.27 (%)
TOTAL ASSETS : 53,486,927,463 (RON)
PROFIT LOSS : 519,818,799 (RON)
MARKET SHARE : 9.55 (%)
TOTAL ASSETS : 44,611,048,026 (RON)
PROFIT LOSS : 819,516,133 (RON)
MARKET SHARE : 9.01 (%)
TOTAL ASSETS : 38,371,500,000 (RON)
PROFIT LOSS : 674,324,765 (RON)
MARKET SHARE : 8.51 (%)