Deloitte study: Disruption in automotive industry

Deloitte study: Disruption in automotive industry

Implementing advanced analytics

The automotive industry is under increasing pressure from alternatively - fuelled vehicles, disruptive technology, increased competition and changing consumer behaviour.

The speed and scale of social and technological changes make it difficult to stay relevant to consumers and competitive in the market. As a result, companies are being forced to re-examine their entire business models, invest heavily in technology and refine their operations.

Across the entire automotive value chain, the use of analytics to make sense of data, drive insights and automate decision making is adding value in terms of driving operating margin, revenue growth and asset efficiency.

In this report, we identify three high-value use cases that are based on clearly defined challenges with tangible business outcomes. For each use case, we identify the business challenge and the value it can create, and the analytical approach needed to build and effectively deploy the solution.

The study demonstrates the ability of diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics in making an impact for the automotive industry by:

   - Improving ROI for marketing spend to improve sales volume and margin,
   - Diagnosing root causes to reduce productive downtime,
   - Reducing warranty costs.


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