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The business value of cognitive. Leaders in cognitive and AI weigh in on what’s working and what’s next

With all the talk about cognitive and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in business…


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The future of banking is digital

Ufuk Tandogan, Garanti Bank Romania’s CEO speaks about technology, Big Data, and artificial…



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Konica Minolta launches MOBOTIX 7, a new video analytics solution platform with Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

Konica Minolta marks an important step in the market of video surveillance systems, by…

LG announces the sale of the world's first OLED 8K TV

The much anticipated 88-inch OLED 8K offers a stunning viewing experience using top LG…

SAS announces investments of one billion dollars in developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions

The company wants to develop advanced AI technologies and solutions, and an accelerator…

LG enters DeepThinQ mode to support AI products and services

Its own deep learning platform will support product development.