SAS announces investments of one billion dollars in developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions

SAS announces investments of one billion dollars in developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions

The company wants to develop advanced AI technologies and solutions, and an accelerator type program which will provide support in implementing AI solutions.

SAS, the leader in data analysis solutions, will invest $ 1 billion in Artificial Intelligence over the next three years, supporting innovation in software development, education, the creation of professional service packages, and more.

The company's plans are built on a strong foundation developed by SAS in the field that includes a vast portfolio of advanced analytics solutions, machine learning, deep learning (detailed data analysis coupled with a superior capacity automated learning), NLP (natural language processing) and computer vision (computational methods and systems able to perceive the world based on video images and recordings).

The educational programs and expertise provided will help companies equip the management staff and data analysts for the future AI, providing the technology, skills and support needed to transform their organizations.

"We remain dedicated to our clients and their success, this investment being an example of our commitment," said Jim Goodnight CEO SAS. "SAS's innovative capabilities in the field of Artificial Intelligence already support companies in detecting fraud, dealing with fatal illnesses, managing risk and offering personalized services for customers or citizens, plus many more."

The investment of one billion dollars for development of AI solutions targeting three main areas: Research Innovation ( (R & D) - a field in which SAS is growing behind the success of its global efforts in the field of Artificial Intelligence; education, respectively initiatives for the needs and support of clients to understand and benefit more from advances of the AI; and professional services to optimize company's earnings in AI projects.

Innovation in research

Through the R & D department, SAS will invest in innovation in all aspects of Artificial Intelligence, focusing on facilitating the use of these solutions by people with diverse abilities - from business experts to data analysts.

SAS has already included in its platform AI solutions for data management, customer data analysis, fraud detection and security, risk management and applications for industries such as financial services, healthcare, production, and commerce.

SAS will continue to work with innovative companies and top technology providers such as Accenture, Cisco, Deloitte, Intel or NVIDIA. In this way, the company will be able to bring its latest developments and practices close to its customers, making sure that its AI technologies work best on the hardware or cloud solutions of its customers.

SciSports, an innovative Dutch start-up, uses computer vision solutions from SAS to analyze data during football matches. SAS's AI technology runs on NVIDIA GPUs and provides relevant information during matches for coaches and management teams.

Collecting and analyzing data, football clubs can add to this "beautiful game" by changing strategies during a game, recruiting players or improving supporters' experience during parties.

"The reason why SAS is five years at the forefront of companies that earn advanced data analysis is that our solutions are based on machine learning tools and deep knowledge of the field of data analysis. This is SAS DNA, "said Dave Schubmehl, research director for AI at IDC (International Data Corporation). "Knowledge and SAS technologies combined with the company's continued desire to innovate in areas such as vison computer, NLP or deep learning will facilitate adoption of AI solutions across multiple industries. This will be a help for companies interested in AI, no matter if they are taking the first steps in this area or have a wider experience. "

Customer education and development initiatives

Customer education and development initiatives such as the SAS accelerator in AI aim to support organizations and professionals in adopting AI solutions, regardless of their level. SAS will provide:

  • A personalized training program that helps organizations improve their skills in AI. It includes e-learning programs such as the SAS Academy for Data Analysis or individual IT training programs, examples of good practice in the field, etc.
  • Certification programs that help data analytics specialists get valuable credentials such as SAS Certification for AI and Machine Learning Professionals.These certifications provide an advantage to these professionals in the labor market when companies are looking for the right talent in the AI.
  • SAS Center of Excellence, a group of advanced experts and professors in IA, machine learning, NLP, computer vision, optimization, simulation and other related data analysis capabilities.These SAS experts provide customers the support they need to implement AI - from renowned applications to unique innovations.

The investment also targets the company's resources and talents. SAS will increase its expertise in AI through the professional services it has access to, centers of excellence, education and research.

AI and analysis of data in action

The latest construction of the SAS intelligent campus project, SAS's newest building, a tower with a total area of ​​around 39,000 square feet, which houses the Global Education Center, uses AI and machine learning innovations to connect performance with business results.

The new building features thousands of IoT sensors mounted on air conditioning systems and ventilation systems to monitor water and energy consumption.

Through a neural network that uses SAS Event Stream Processing, SAS administrative teams track in real-time the information gather by sensors and the performance of these systems to improve the estimates of required maintenance periods (the system identifies possible equipment issues before they occur) and optimization water and energy consumption.

To further highlight SAS's commitment to sustainability, nearly half of the building's energy needs come from a SAS photovoltaic panel installation.

Among the many companies that use SAS solutions in AI and machine learning are:

  • Connexions Loyalty – works with top brands in delivering customer loyalty programs, serving over 200 million global people. The company relies on customization tools provided by SAS systems to increase customer loyalty.
  • Daiwa Securities – has created a recommendation system based on an AI solution from SAS for sales teams. The system analyzes each client and anticipates changes, recommending appropriate products or appropriate messages to address customers to reduce the rate of customers choosing other solutions.
  • Volvo and Mack Trucks – use SAS AI solutions to analyze data collected by large trucks, providing the company with important estimates of their maintenance and helping fleets distribute goods on time.