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MIT & SAS Study: Leaders in Customer Experience Leaders Use Artificial Intelligence and Analytics Solutions

Leaders in CX are financial services, retail and IT / telecommunications companies

Mystery solved: The case for operationalizing analytics

Operationalizing analytics saves valuable insights

Learn how professional sports teams win fans and games with analytics

From player evaluation and game strategies to fan experience and variable ticketing, analytics is…

Out in the open with analytics

In this e-book you’ll learn how organizations in many industries are using open source…

Market research: How will customer's interaction with brands look  over ten years?

A new study shows that, within a decade, two-thirds of customers' interaction with market…


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Analytics are becoming easily accessible to business users

MCR Interview: Daniel Pana, Country Manager SAS Analytical Solutions

Well-managed Data Will Drive Revenue, Reduce Costs and Mitigate Risks

There is no right or wrong way in practicing analytics, just commute into analytical…

The business analytics software industry, between innovation and need for restructuring

According to many analysts and those in the Hadoop community, more than half of…

Generally speaking, everything has changed

We still have the chance to become one of the best economic surprises in…


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SAS announces investments of one billion dollars in developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions

The company wants to develop advanced AI technologies and solutions, and an accelerator type…

SAS Analytical Solutions: Companies using Artificial Intelligence make important savings, manage to offer customers the best service in real time and innovate more quickly

Most managers in large companies say they want to use advanced data analysis tools…

Carrefour's multinational company has chosen Artificial Intelligence (IA) solutions offered by SAS to optimize its distribution network management and reduce food waste

Carrefour uses SAS Viya Solution to become the first French retailer to use Artificial…