West Gate extends the contracts for renting the office spaces with Carestream Dental and Carestream Health

West Gate extends the contracts for renting the office spaces with Carestream Dental and Carestream Health

The offices of the two companies occupies 2,600 square meters in the office park (1,300 sqm each)

Business Park West Gate from the western side of the capital owned by Genesis Property is signing the expansion of lease agreements with Carestream Dental for another five years and Canadian Carestream Health for another year.

"Proper location, talent and access to resources are key factors for developing, expanding and diversifying the business portfolio of Carestream Dental Romania. In the first year since the establishment of the Center in Bucharest as an independent entity, we have created roles and transitioned activities across all functional areas, teaming up in size and providing support to clients and partners around the world, including Europe, the US, and Asia. It is very important for our employees to get to the office easily and to stay in a space where they do not feel the pressure of the city so much. The West Gate location, five minutes from the underground, on a less busy bus, and the services we have provided persuaded us to stay here. Bucharest is an important location for us and we will continue to invest here in the future, "said Mariana Iancu, General Manager of Carestream Dental Romania.

Carestream Dental is a global company providing digital dental solutions and technology, with over 1,400 employees and offices in 24 countries. Becoming an independent company after separation from Carestream Health in 2017, Carestream Dental has continued to provide innovative solutions and services to dental professionals and their patients.

Over the past two years, the company has launched award-winning top-rated products such as the 3D Digital Radiology System and Digital Milling Machine that can produce dental crowns for restoration on the same day, being nominated in the 2019 CIO Review in the Top 50 future solutions. Extending the contract with West Gate over the next five years supports the company's mission: transforming the dental industry, simplifying technology and changing the lives of people in Romania and the rest of the world.

"Both Carestream Health and Carestream Dental are important partners for us, we appreciate the fact that they have given us confidence and have decided to stay in West Gate. We are confident that the facilities we provide to the employees of our office park companies help to increase the quality of office life and the performance of their work. In addition, the facility management services provided by our team are meant to take full responsibility of their management from the tenant's care so that he can concentrate fully on his activity, this being a differentiating element appreciated by our tenants, "said Liviu Tudor, president and founder of Genesis Property.

The new contracts with Carestream Health and Carestream Dental are marking the third contract extension signed by West Gate this year, after Ericsson and Romania (in February 2019) and Societe Generale European Business Services (in May 2019).

At the moment, occupancy of the West Gate office park is 100%.

Business Park West Gate offers to the business community (consisting of over 10,000 employees and students) a wide range of services and facilities, such as: a four star accommodation unit, three dedicated parking spaces (a multi-level parking lot of 600 seats , a parking lot with 170 seats and a campus parking of 180 seats), restaurant, supermarket, 5 cafes, a car wash, clothes cleaning, gymnasium, sports ground, outdoor lawns and outdoor swimming pool equipped with running and rollerblading.

Among companies based in West Gate are companies like Societe Generale European Business Center, Siemens, Accenture, Ericsson, WNS, Citi, Alpha Bank and Medicover.

West Gate Business Park includes 5 Class A buildings, the largest private student campus in Romania - West Gate Studios, a Studio One – Accommodation Suites accommodation (with a capacity of 32 rooms).

West Gate has 15,000 square meters of outdoor green spaces, being the most spacious green area office space in Bucharest. West Gate is located in the Militari neighborhood, close to Preciziei subway station, consisting of five office buildings, having a total leasable area of ​​75,000 square meters.