Vodafone Romania subscribers have access to favorite social media, video and music applications without consuming data traffic from subscription

Vodafone Romania subscribers have access to favorite social media, video and music applications without consuming data traffic from subscription

With new Music Pass option, Vodafone Romania individual clients will have access to music apps without using mobile data traffic included in their subscriptions.

Vodafone Romania individual customers can use their favorite social media, chat, video and music streaming applications without consuming the data traffic included in their subscription, via Vodafone Pass option, valid throughout the contract period. The new portfolio of the telecom operator offers subscriptions including the Social & Chat Pass and Video Pass launched this summer, and introduces the new Music Pass option. Depending on their value, new subscriptions may include one, two or all three options.

With Social & Chat Pass, the traffic for the most popular social media applications does not consume the data package included in the subscription, and with Video Pass, users can enjoy the same benefit for video streaming apps. The latest option, Music Pass, covers the traffic for the most popular audio streaming apps and websites. Furthermore, the new Music Pass subscriptions offer two months of free use of Zonga app that includes a collection of over 36 million songs.

“Vodafone customers can benefit from a unique offer in the telecom industry, to enjoy favorite applications without consuming data from their subscriptions. When we launched Vodafone Pass this summer, with Video Pass and Social & Chat Pass, we revolutionized the way we interact with our customers, by going beyond a mere number of GB included in the subscription. Now, we extend the benefits from our offer by adding music websites and applications to this experience that simplifies customers’ access to their favorite content. Furthermore, we multiply the possibility to enjoy this offer by allowing them to share these benefits with their friends,” stated Andrea Rossini, Consumer Business Unit Director Vodafone Romania.

Vodafone Romania subscribers can enjoy the Social & Chat Pass and Video Pass along with their friends and have the opportunity to share one or more options from the two categories through a special mechanism. All they have to do is to send a free SMS to 2720 that includes the number of the person to whom it is sent, using the format 07XXXXXXXX VIDEO or 07XXXXXXXX SOCIAL. The recipient gets one month of free use, and the giver also receives one month of free test for Social & Chat Pass or Video Pass. During the campaign, a subscriber may offer an unlimited number of Social & Chat Pass or Video Pass options and receive maximum two options unless they already have them included in the subscription.

Social & Chat Pass, Video Pass, and Music Pass options are available throughout the contract period for both new and renewed subscribers. For example, a customer who purchases an 18-euro subscription will benefit from the Social & Chat Pass and Music Pass options throughout the contract period, as well as 4GB of mobile internet that can also be used in roaming within the European Economic Area, unlimited minutes and SMS for calls in any national network and also in roaming, as well as 600 international mobile minutes. For the new Super RED contracts starting from 22 euros, all three Vodafone Pass components are included.

Separately from the share mechanism, Social & Chat Pass and Video Pass options can be activated together or individually, while Music Pass is only available as a bundled option. To activate the options, customers can use both the desktop and mobile versions of MyVodafone app. When activating the Social & Chat Pass or the Video Pass, customers receive 30 days of free use for that option.

Further details on the updated subscription portfolio are available at www.vodafone.ro/abonamente, the special section.