The second edition of the Preparation Center Awards organized by Cambridge Assessment English announced its first winner

The second edition of the "Preparation Center Awards" organized by Cambridge Assessment English announced its first winner

Of the 73 schools in the race for this second edition of the Preparation Center Awards in Romania, Shakespeare English Language Center in Bucharest has been designated the "best training center" in "the step-by-step approach" category.

This award certifies that the winning training center has offered courses for all Cambridge English qualifications and has obtained the highest number of certificates.

In 2018 Cambridge Assessment English launched the Premiere Center Awards in Romania to reward the best exam training centers. Three prizes were awarded for three categories: Step-by-Step Approach, Training Method and New Center.

The Shakespeare English Cultural Center in Bucharest

The English Shakespeare Cultural Center was founded in 2002 to promote and spread English and British culture, as well as cultural exchanges between Romania and the UK.

In this regard, the Shakespeare Cultural Center conducts a series of activities dedicated to both children and adults (parents and teachers) interested in English and British culture by: organizing and supporting training courses for all Cambridge English qualifications, organizing conferences and presentations on cultural themes, seminars, shows, literary reading sessions in English, study workshops, organization of cultural competitions accessible to all children and young people - Essay Competition, Spelling Championship.

With a team of specialized teachers and a unique teaching method in Romania (adaptation of Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligence, Harvard University), the Shakespeare English Cultural Center became a symbol of English teaching in the 17 years of its existence.

Currently, Shakespeare School offers English language courses for children and young people (4-19 years old), being the first and only Romanian center accredited for organizing Cambridge CELTA courses for teachers.

With four offices in Bucharest, a 17-year history and experience on the Romanian market, Shakespeare School aims to prepare every year a growing number of candidates for all types of Cambridge exams.

The portfolio of training courses for these exams has diversified, including at present all levels of learning from beginner to advanced: A1-A2 YLE, A2 Key, B1 Preliminary, B2 First, C1 Advanced. Courses have been tailored to ensure effective training at each level; it starts at a very early age, thus facilitating the introduction of Cambridge examinations step by step. Students are supported at every stage of the English language improvement process, each year having a specific objective: obtaining a Cambridge certificate.

The Shakespeare Language Center is proud of thousands of students who have performed in English, in the country and abroad.

Message from teachers preparing students for Cambridge exams:

« Our team is a young, motivated, creative and always up to date with the latest news in exam preparation - that's why we were able to create unique training methods for each exam and successful recipes that our students apply during examination. One of these is to organize an exam simulation, where children learn not only the exigencies of the examination parts, but also the management of their own emotions and resources. We are the only English language teaching center in Romania that organizes such complex and complete simulations of the Cambridge exams that our students will support » says the college of teachers preparing students for Cambridge English qualifications.

Message from management:

«For us, this award is recognition of the efforts of a team of top teachers, but also a great challenge: to remain the Cambridge Examining Cambridge Examination Center in Romania - a Cambridge Assessment award in 2017. Annually about 98% of our students get the much wanted Cambridge certificates.

In 2018 we exceeded the threshold of 1,000 candidates enrolled in one of the Cambridge exams, and their results were exceptional.

The English Language Center Shakespeare aims to remain the most important and relevant center for Cambridge Romania's step by step training through the development and continuous adaptation of teaching methods and by preparing a growing number of children and young people for certificates Cambridge » said Adriana Alionte, Founder and Director of the Shakespeare Language Center in Bucharest.

The message from a teacher:

« To ensure that our students are prepared to take a Cambridge exam, we pay more attention to each part of the exam, helping them to discover, from the multitude of work strategies applied to the course, those that fit the most well with their work style and time. At the same time, we organize annually, especially for our trainees, complete simulations of the Cambridge exams that they are going to support. We want this unique process to familiarize them with the exam atmosphere so they are well prepared and know what to expect » said Ms. Georgiana Bose, an English teacher at the Shakespeare Language Center in Bucharest.

The message from a student:

« I am 17 years old and I come to Shakespeare School for 11 years. For me Shakespeare School means a very friendly environment that has helped me to develop and not to thrash in front of people, nor to the exams I have held during these years. The multiple contests I attended at Shakespeare School, including all of the Cambridge Exams that I have enjoyed with the teachers here, have developed this ability to speak very easily in public and not to have emotions in key moments. I want to study in college in the UK and Shakespeare School has given me the courage and motivation to choose this path, » says Alexandru Radulescu, a student of the English Language Center for Shakespeare in Bucharest, Cambridge Assessment English CAE for Schools Pass at Grade A - Session June 2018)

The message from a student:

« I am 18 years old and I have been at Shakespeare School for 8 years, so I'm practically a veteran. When I first came to Shakespeare School, I did not know English very well, but with the help of the teachers in this Center I was able to be among the best students in the general school where I learned - taking the first place at the English Olympics. Also at Shakespeare School I have prepared for all the Cambridge Exams, which I have supported step by step each year, and which I have always been very happy with. What do I love at Shakespeare School? Firstly, teachers, because they have a teaching method that motivates me to learn, to deepen my knowledge. My examinations simulations, where I was very afraid, always come to mind. But when I came to support the Cambridge Exam I was pretty sure of myself because I knew I had all the necessary knowledge to get that diploma. That's why when I received the results, which were always very good, I was very proud of myself and felt that I should thank the teachers who helped me and supported me, "said Catalina Blindu, a student of the Cultural Center of English Language Shakespeare from Bucharest, holder of the Cambridge Assessment English CAE for Schools (Pass at Grade A - session June 2018)

Preparation Center Awards, from A to Z ...

     6 participating countries: Cyprus, France, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania

      3 prize categories / 3 winners per country:

  • The preparation method: an institution that best uses Cambridge University's Cambridge English Official Cambridge University qualification training materials.
  • New Center: a new school that recently introduced the Cambridge English Exam Preparation
  • Step-by-step approach: An institution that follows the progressive training system and offers Cambridge English exams for all levels of learning.

Institutions can compete in several categories but can only win in one of them. For the second edition of 2019, Cambridge Assessment English received 73 entries from Romania.

       International Jury Cambridge English

The winners are elected by a jury of 4 members, Cambridge Assessment experts: Guy Chapman, Director of the International School Institution Department; Cécile Loyer, marketing manager for Europe; Victoria Watkins, Commercial Manager for Europe and Sebastian Hockliffe, Sales Manager for Cambridge University Press.

►     Award: Trip to Cambridge on 29 and 30 March 2019 with the program:

  • Training specially designed for laureates: "From the back of the Cambridge English Exams" to discover the stages of an exam.
  • Gala Dinner attended by Cambridge Assessment English and Cambridge University Press
  • Visiting colleagues at Cambridge University

    The Calendar:

* Application deadline: 15 December 2018
* Award date: March 16, 2018, during the Laureates' Gala

Cambridge English Exams are internationally recognized by over 20,000 universities, employers and state institutions around the world. They open the way to higher education, increase employment opportunities, and increase study opportunities or work. Preparing for these exams allows all students to get a good level of English in both writing and verbal communication. Exam preparation can take place in the school where the pupil learns or in institutions such as foreign language centers that offer training for exams, in courses that offer a well-defined learning path.

For 95% of respondents to a recent Cambridge Assessment English survey involving 5789 teachers and school principals in 109 countries, Cambridge English exams have a positive impact on teaching and learning. For 86% of them, Cambridge Exam Preparation significantly increases self-confidence, and 90% believe that exams increase student motivation - motivation being the key to successful language learning.





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