Join the HR Workshop Marathon 2019

Join the HR Workshop Marathon 2019

HR Manager Magazine organizes HR Workshop Marathon on April 16, 2019 at the Capital Plaza Hotel, an event that captures the most important aspects of HR development strategy from both a professional and a personal perspective.

Amid various and continuous changes (from digitization to fiscal change), agile organizations build a culture that systematically promotes and rewards innovation.

The crisis of talent on the labor market and the need to increase employee productivity make the need for training to be very dynamic, with an ascending rhythm. Because time is a primordial resource and we want an active and involved audience at the event, we give it the chance to choose those HR areas that fit it.

This year's event brings business professionals closer to the tools that can help them unlock potential and align their own performance indicators to business goals.

The structure of workshop sessions (workshops held simultaneously in the same session) allows quick access to useful information as well as interactivity and direct involvement in the HR processes being approached.

Topics addressed:

  • Organization culture, commitment and motivation; How do we build performance teams?
  • HR Transformation [Organizational Design & Development]
  •  #smartleadership – How would our work be if we had intelligent emotional leaders who better understand themselves and others
  • How do you make concessions in negotiations; What are the most effective techniques in negotiation
  • How we build engagement through communication; impact presentations for HR people
  • Productivity and well-being of employees: and what does it cost us?
  • Challenges to recruitment processes and possible solutions How do we increase employee retention?
  • How digitalisation helps you streamline HR processes
  • Employee Experience; employee value proposition; employer branding; reward and recognition
  • Using Design Thinking in HR

The event brings valuable insights into the professional activity of department managers, line managers, team managers, HR managers, HR Managers, Talent Managers, L & D Managers, OD Managers, EE Managers and Comp & Ben Managers.
The three workshop sessions will challenge the participants to free discussions, debates, interaction and active participation:

  • "Culture of the Organization" workshop supported by speaker: Iuliana Stan, Managing Partner, Human Synergistics. We will discuss CONSTRUCTIVE, working tool not just concept. A workshop on how to put our good intentions into practice.
  • "HR Transformation [Organizational Design & Development]" workshop by speaker: Roxana Mocanu, Chief Game Changer Noosfera (ITOL & CIPD HR Enterprise). Will it be discussed when and how do we know we need a transformation of the Human Resources function? What are the processes you want to transform? how do we redesign the team so it becomes fluid and flexible? We do not all have Game-Changers, but everyone can make a contribution to changing the game in HR.
  • "Negotiating Decalogue" workshop supported by speaker: Sabin Gilceava, founder and negotiator at Leverage. Will it be discussed which are the most important rules to be considered in a negotiation? What to do to increase your power? Why is it important to consider the needs of the other? Sabin places on the table 10 recommendations that apply to any business negotiation, no matter what you have to negotiate and in which industry you are active, regardless of the stake and position you are negotiating (customer, vendor, seller, buyer, etc.). All are accompanied by examples and concrete case studies from the negotiations that Sabin has witnessed or have been involved with over the years.
  • #Smartleadership How would our work be if we had smart emotional leaders who better understand themselves and others? ", Workshop delivered by the speaker: Diana Voicu, Senior Learning Architect, MMM CONSULTING INT'L.
  • "Selling HR ideas IN / OUT public speaking practice session and impact presentation for HR people", speaker workshop: Andrei Dunuta, Sales & Public Speaking Trainer and Founder, SELFTRUST Academy.

Partners: Human Synergistics, Noosfera, MMM Consulting, Leverage, Speaking
Annual Partner: Romanian Software
Media partners: Career magazine, HR Club, Biz, Wall-Street, HR Portal, Doingbusiness.ro, Business Journal.

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