Germans from Nordex to deliver wind turbines for a wind park in Romania

German company Nordex announced it received a contract to deliver wind turbines of 80o MW capacity to be installed within a wind park in Romania.

The contract has been signed with the Spanish company Iberdrola Engineering & Construction that will install 32 wind turbines in South-East Romania, in Dobrogea region, at Chirnogeni. The beneficiary is Cypriot company EP Wind Project (Rom) Six, a company owned by three investors, of which Marguerite Fund owns 50 percent of shares. EP Global Energy started the project in 2007 and owns 20 percent of the shares of this project, while the investment fund EnerCap Power Fund is estimated to own 30 percent. The office of Nordex Energy Romania has been established in Romania in May 2012 and delivers maintenance services for turbines of 20 MW total capacity installed in Romania.

According to data published by Transelectrica, at the beginning of December 2012, 21 wind parks are operating in Romania and have been developed following an estimated total investment of 2.5 billion Euros.