Executive education programmes preferred by professionals interested in personal development

70% of the professionals who attended the INSEAD Advanced Valuation Programme, which took place in October, say that executive education courses are an opportunity for accelerated career progression. This innovative seminar of INSEAD Business School was hosted by Kevin Kaiser, Professor of Management Practice and organized by the INSEAD Alumni Association Romania.

MBA programmes are an important step for professionals interested in advancing to top management positions, but not a mandatory one. According to Harvard Business Review’s "The best performing CEOs in the World" study conducted in 2014, 29 of the top 100 best CEOs in the world have such a degree, many of them choosing to participate in comprehensive training programs and executive education courses. The experience of an MBA can prepare you for success, with six of the top 10 CEOs having graduated from prestigious programs.

The same trend in terms of continuous education has been observed amongst professionals from middle and top management that have taken part in the INSEAD Advanced Valuation Programme, organized for the first time in Romania by the business school’s alumni association.

70% of the event’s attendants have not pursued an MBA, stating that they are currently more interested in short and intensive programmes, as they can be easily fitted into their already busy weekly schedules. Moreover, 66% of professionals had already participated in at least one executive education program, stating they were satisfied by the shared tools and excited by the chance to be updated on industry trends.

“The information provided by the INSEAD Advanced Valuation program was condensed and prearranged in a way that offered participants all the necessary tools to accumulate practical knowledge in a short period time. Such an executive program can provide answers to questions that arise as you accumulate experience, while keeping you connected to the global evolution of the analysed subject and offering a new perspective. Moreover, a program such as INSEAD Advanced Valuation allows you to immediately test out discovered tips and tricks alongside prestigious professors” stated Calin Metes, VP/Investment Analyst at Franklin Templeton Investments - Investment Manager of Fondul Proprietatea.

Executive education programs are usually short, made up of intense classes that help participants develop a specific set of skills, efficiently and in as little time as possible. However, these courses differ substantially from traditional MBAs or other degree programs, in terms of audience, experience, range of participants and even content. Many top business schools offer a wide variety of executive education courses, in topics ranging from finance to soft skill development and negotiation.

“Executive education courses present useful tactical instruments and analyse trends in a specific business area with surgical precision. This allows us to have highly trained professionals and to raise the performance level of this field, with direct effect in companies’ results. We want to be part of an evolving market and education is a critical component through which we can lead the way, affect change and provide vision. Through it we can test our long-term vision regarding the roles we want to play in Romania’s social and economic growth”, said Dragos Neacsu, CEO of Erste Asset Management.

„At a certain point in your career, you want to have a professional edge and develop new skills that will support your career development. At this point, you choose an MBA program or opt for alternative courses of executive education. The decision depends heavily on motivation and the resources you are willing to invest. MBA programs provide practitioners with basic business tools, fresh industry perspectives and access to a valuable community of graduates. An MBA can be a foundation on which you build with the help of executive education courses, "stated Cristian Ionescu, President of the INSEAD Alumni Association Romania and Country Manager of Expense Reduction Analysts.

The Advanced Valuation Programme was held for the first time in Romania in early October this year. The course was attended by entrepreneurs and financial professionals and discussed topics such as value creation, blue-line management, valuation and the opportunity cost of capital with Kevin Kaiser, Professor of Professor of Management Practice and Director of ABN AMRO Managing for Value Research Fund. Co-author of „The Blue Line Imperative” and „Becoming a Top Manager”, Kaiser teaches extensively in the executive and MBA programmes at INSEAD and is an eight-time recipient of the MBA award for Best Teacher for Electives. The Advanced Valuation Programme has been organized by the INSEAD Alumni Association Romania in partnership with Erste Asset Management Romania and Fondul Proprietatea.

The course is an INSEAD event, organization that has received a no. 1 in the world MBA Programme ranking from Financial Times, while also securing 1st place for its Tsinghua-INSEAD Dual Degree Executive MBA (TIEMBA) and Single School EMBA Programme (GEMBA).