Champs and flops in agriculture

Champs and flops in agriculture

The favored ones in these times are the tenants and the large winners are the suppliers of inputs for agriculture and those who invested in performing agriculture equipment for working the fields and harvests.

In my opinion, there are several major solutions to be taken in Romanian agriculture:  the consolidation of agricultural lands, field sale to all potential buyers in a fairly manner, ending tax evasion in all areas (meat, vegetables, grain, bread, milk) and incentives for balanced development of agricultural product processing units in all regions.


The great winners in agriculture are the suppliers of inputs for agriculture. Also, the farmers equipped with machinery, performing equipment, farmers exploiting large areas of land, the large groups of producers with negotiating power. In comparison, the losers are the small producers, continuing to work small areas with morally and physically used equipment.


Currently, land prices have risen every year at this time I ranked between EUR 2,000-3,500 per ha.


Also, there are several measures that could position the Romanian agriculture on its normal path: Involving within the cultivated cycle all the uncultivated lands, boosting land acquisition, investment in grain storage capacity, modern machinery for soil cultivation, construction of modern farms for breeding and fattening pigs.  


The current consumption is covered for about 50% of domestic production. Internal competition is severely affected by tax evasion from poultry, pork, bread while honest manufacturers are being forced to sell at low prices, close to their costs or even below this margin.