A business with Greek flavour

A business with Greek flavour

The current retail market in Romania is very competitive, thus the best advantage of a company stands in the quality of its products and services. The winners are those who adapt to the fast changes in the market, diversifying their products and services, to target specific categories of clients.

Having this in mind, we work closely with our suppliers, in order to ensure the optimum quality at the best price for our customers. Our philosophy about the quality of the products is reflected in the relationship we have with the people we work with, employees or suppliers, from the way we choose them to the way we treat them, as we consider them our partners.


2012 was a very important year for Olympus, as it was the first fully operational year in which we produced, in our factory in Halchiu, the highest quality dairy products for both domestic and external market, using raw material from Romania. Currently, 80% of our production goes into markets such as Italy, Germany and Austria.


The decline of last years’ agriculture caused by drought affected the dairy market in terms of raw material. This resulted in lower milk production, as a whole, compared to 2011, when it was a very good agricultural year. However, we were cautious and surpassed well this period.


In May 2012, we launched the Greek yoghurt with fruits, a first on the local market, and probiotic yoghurt with cereals and fruit. We achieved good results, and this proved the importance of this segment in the yoghurt category.


For this year we expect an increase in turnover and reach up to 55 million euro. Our strategy focuses on strengthening our market position and on continuing to bring the best quality dairy products in the market. We will thus continue to invest both in terms of promotion and launch of new products in the segments we operate, but also in new categories for the Romanian market.



The consumer profile


The current consumer in retail is more informed, rational and has the possibility to choose from a very diverse market, not to mention here the increasing trend of online shopping.


If we talk about the dairy market, in the recent years, we are dealing with a responsible consumer who realizes more and more that what he eats impacts his health. He is interested in having a healthy lifestyle, so he pays more attention to the nutritional benefits of the products, thus appreciates the quality.


Organic growth


As a philosophy, we focus on quality, and this has its price, but proves to be efficient on the long term. We focus on organic growth with actions that make sense for the consumer and bring added value, which is why we do not participate in the war prices that takes place on the shelves. Our goal is to prove consumers that we bring quality products on the market that meet their expectations.


Compared to the mature markets in the European region, the opportunities for retail in Romania at this time come from the less exploited areas or niches, where many things are still at their beginning.


On the dairy market, the consumption is much reduced as compared to European average, which shows there is a big growth opportunity. We expect an increase of this market, as a whole, to be of 20% in the long-term, out of which the yoghurt has 15%. The yoghurts will be the stars on the dairy market in 2013, following the trend of the more developed countries, such as Germany, Italy or USA.


However, quality is one of the most important differentiators. This is the reason why we put a lot of emphasis in delivering high quality products to the consumers. We have strict and high standard checking of all raw material that are used and have specific production processes.


The VAT issue


One of the measures that would boost the investments and business is reducing the VAT for food. This would surely encourage consumption and stimulate the development of the industries. The manufacturers could produce more at better costs and this would be reflected in better prices that reach consumers.


Referring strictly to the dairy market, we also mention here the need of very strict regulations related to the processing and selling of dairy products, as the black market represents almost 40% of the whole Romanian dairy market.