Reinvesting the past into the future

Reinvesting the past into the future

Agriculture, a strategic and fast growing sector currently, seems to move faster than regulations and it urges for the development of a national strategy in this respect.

Two priorities in sight: irrigation systems and national strategy for agricultural associations


We think that are 2 main priorities. First one, as a mandatory is to start a coherent and consistent program in order to support irrigations investments in the most impacted dry areas (like South and South East of Romania). Second, it would be to finalize the national agricultural strategy, which it will encourage the land compacting and the associative organized forms.



Winners of the sector

The big winners are those farmers who understood the value of reinvest their past profits is new technologies (like machineries, storage capacity, crop management) and those who run investments in irrigation systems. EU founds are representing the drivers for all investments made in the last six years. At this time, the most valuable asset in agricultural sector is represented by land. Farmers who own land are spending just 60-70% per hectare in comparison with those who are renting it. Ones that the land is owned, farmers can think for the long range investment plan.


In order to align with Western countries performances, farmers should keep themselves updated to all new technologies which can double yields through usage of quality/certified seeds, minimum tillage, but also to be focus on reducing costs per unit taking into consideration fuel consumption, proper crop management, etc.  


We are considering seed market as a professional and mature one. Seed pipeline is aligned with all developed countries (USA or EU countries).