Study: What plans and budgets do Romanians have for holidays?

Study: What plans and budgets do Romanians have for holidays?

A study by OLX shows how many Romanians have made holiday plans, how they spend and what budget they have at their disposal

Despite the close-to-fast holiday period, over 38% of Romanians are not planning and will most likely spend their holidays with their family and friends, according to a study by OLX. Most respondents say they plan to allocate an individual budget of 501-1000 RON for holidays this year.

Where they plan to spend Christmas and New Year's Eve, what budget they plan to allocate for this year's holiday, what kind of properties they have booked, and what are the expectations that they have are the information highlighted by the study by OLX.

Where did the Romanians propose to spend Christmas and New Year's Eve?

 Asked where they chose to spend their Christmas holiday, most people interviewed (in proportion of 48.78%) said they would stay home. On the other hand, 18.52% of respondents will leave their homes and 11.85% will spend Christmas in the mountains. According to the OLX study, only 9.84% chose vacancies abroad and only 6.24% will travel to a large city in Romania.

When it comes to New Year's Eve, most of the respondents have proposed to spend it at home (30.83%), 20.98% in the mountains and only 19.43% in their native places. New Year's Eve, 11.53% of respondents will go abroad and only 8.29% will spend it in one of the big cities in Romania.

If Christmas is spent in most cases with the family, things are not significantly different in the case of New Year's Eve: 53.64% of respondents will spend together with the restricted family (33.46%) or the extended (20.18% ) and 34.9% with friends.

What budget does it intend to allocate for this year's holiday?

Asked what individual budgets are planning to allocate for this holiday this year, 19.05% of respondents said they intend to allocate between 501 and 1000 RON, 17.75% between 251 and 500 RON and 13.44% - a budget below 250 RON.

There are also people who will invest between 1001 and 2000 RON (11.99%), between 2001 and 3000 RON (4.92%) or even over 3000 RON (5.09%).

What kind of properties have they reserved and what are their expectations?

Regarding the type of the reserved properties, the majority of the respondents (38.72%) have reserved or plan to reserve a villa or a cottage, 31.19% intend to reserve guest rooms, 17.7% - hotel rooms and 12, 39% - rooms at the villa or at the cottage.

When it comes to the expectations they have about the properties they have booked to spend their vacation, it seems that it takes on the need for comfort, the location and the location of the location, the receptive and kind staff, the quality food and the spaces relaxation available at the location. Last but not least, the Romans expect fun activities and costs to be reasonable.

"Through our study we have confirmed the hypotheses - the Romans put the family first, and at Christmas they celebrate more at home. They travel more to New Year's Eve and more internally than external. We see this as an opportunity for OLX Accommodation-Tourism to discover almost 5,000 accommodation options spread all over the country at very affordable prices, "said Monica Dudau, Brand Manager Storia.ro & OLX Imobiliare.

The survey was conducted during November 2018 on OLX.ro and involved 3,307 respondents, men and women, aged over 18 years, from different areas of Romania.