11% of Romanians would switch to another bank to benefit from the instant pay service

11% of Romanians would switch to another bank to benefit from the instant pay service

11% of Romanians would switch to another bank to benefit from instant pay service, according to a new study conducted by iSense Solutions, dedicated to the Romanians' perception of modern banks and their services, made in November this year, online, in the urban area, involving 604 people over the age of 18 years old.

The data was presented exclusively at the Banking 4.0 conference, organized by No Cash Events.

Rapidity is one of the strong features associated with modern banks: 76% of Romanians say that a modern bank is a fast bank that helps them not to waste their time. In this context, the possibility of making contactless payments with the card is highly appreciated by the Romanians, 80% of whom state that this feature makes their lives easier. Also, 62% of Romanians consider that using artificial intelligence help solve problems more quickly.

In terms of technology and innovation, 2 out of 10 Romanians would move to another bank to benefit from technologies and innovations. Among the technologies associated with a modern bank include: mobile banking application, contactless payment, the ability to contract online services, the ability to change the card's security settings, the possibility of online exchange, self-banking, saving payments in the application, virtual cards.

"The study showed that Romanians want to be able to carry out more operations with the mobile banking application.Among the options they would like to have in the mobile application of the bank are: to be able to pay taxes and fees (61%), rovignetta (45%), utilities (42%), RCA (39% ), parking (35%), can make a life insurance (27%), make a deposit (24%) and access a loan (22%) ", says Traian Nastase, Managing Partner, iSense Solutions.

Although only 30% of Romanians have heard of biometric cards, they say they would like to use them: 7 out of 10 Romans said they would use a biometric card (after being exposed to a product description) if would be available, and 11% of them would change the bank they work with for accessing a biometric card.

Almost three-quarters of Romanians (73%) believe that using a biometric card would make their lives easier.The biometric card is an attractive option for the Romans because it can be used exclusively with the fingerprint of the person (71%) because it offers the security of the bank account in case of loss of the card (70%) and the low risk of fraud (64%).

The study was conducted online by iSense Solutions on a sample of 604 urban respondents. The data is representative of people aged over 18 from urban areas in Romania. Error rate +/- 3.99%, at a confidence level of 95%.