Innovation leads the way to success

Innovation has been the engine of evolution ever since and its results are becoming more and more meaningful to today’s world progress. Corporations have had a great contribution in bringing innovation in every aspect of life.

In my opinion, innovation has to be more than just a business objective; innovation is more about responsibility and engagement for the communities. That is why innovating has been my core objective with DENT ESTET since the very beginning as I understood that progress is not possible without investment in the future.


On a market that lacked the culture of oral hygiene and high-quality dentistry, my goal when opening DENT ESTET was to create a dental clinic that can provide patients with high standard services that respond to any type of necessity. A challenge that I took over and put my efforts into accomplishing.


What does innovation in dentistry stand for?


If we look back a couple of centuries ago, people used to be held back from going to the dentist due to a major problem: pain. The great thing about dentistry nowadays is that dental treatments are no longer painful. Technology has given clinicians the great opportunity to perform high-quality procedures with no pain for the patient.


Technical innovation in dentistry has offered people the chance to regain their smiles and change their entire lives pain-free. Fast&Fixed dental implant system gives patients who lost teeth the opportunity to regain their smile in less than one day, the endodontic microscope ZEISS allows clinicians to perform high precision treatments with a success rate of over 90% compared to the 50-60% success rate of classical procedures, the modern sedation techniques eliminate pain and anxiety during treatment and the list could go on.


Following the tendencies of Western markets, DENT ESTET has grown into the leading dental centers of Romania due to the investments we made in these new technologies. However, our progress is not all about the high-performance equipment that we use in our 5 clinics. For us, innovation also meant adapting our services and creating new services for our patients’ needs, preparing our team of physicians to use the newest technology and medical techniques and developing our business not for the success, but for the people. Our success is led by our patients’ satisfaction, not by numbers.


We understood that bringing innovation in our work will add value to the entire market and will determine growth on a national level. In 2007, the first DENT ESTET location opened in 1999 was transformed in the first eco dental clinic in Romania, following the very much appreciated Western concept of “Green Dentistry”.


While constantly improving our services, in 2008 we decided to open DENT ESTET 4 Kids, the first dental clinic in Eastern Europe dedicated exclusively to children. This was a big step for us and, more importantly, for the local market. With a team of pediatric dentists, specialized in the US and Europe, and a full spectrum of professional services, Romanians now have the opportunity to offer their children top medical care in a modern, children-oriented space.


In the same year, the quality of our services has been recognized by the renowned firm Germanischer Lloyd Certification GmbH from Hamburg, becoming the first ISO certified dental clinic in Romania.


As the children clinic has known a great progress in the very first year and parents not only from Bucharest, but also from the entire country, chose our services, we continued our group development by inaugurating in 2012 a specialized dental clinic for teenagers. Considering that 90% of teenagers do not visit the dentist even once a year and 50% of them need braces, DENT ESTET 4 Teens has represented our response to this alarming situation.


Having grown to be the leading dental centers of Romania, innovation and progress has been a top priority for us. With a motto that stood behind every step of our evolution, “We do care”, we have managed to offer our patients the very best dental care through our 14 years of tradition. 


The investments we made in the services improvement and team specialization have set many referential steps in our history by introducing revolutionary services and technologies in premiere on the Romanian market:


            ? Digital Smile Design – a computerized system that allows patients to create and preview their smile before starting their treatment

            ? INCOGNITO® invisible braces – our specialist dr. Iana Dila has been the first Romanian orthodontist certified in using this technology

            ? The only Anesthesiology and Intensive Care department in a private dental clinic in Romania, equipped with the most advanced technology and coordinated by a team of anesthetists specialized in all types of sedation

            ? LUMINEERS veneers

            ? Specialization of our doctors in facial aesthetic treatments with Botox and Derma Fillers through our INSPIRE® program 

            ? Excellence Ortho Center – the largest Orthodontics department in the country

            ? Oral Cancer Screening – a unique system that traces oral cancer

            ? Plan 12 – a unique payment solution in 12 fixed installments

            ? Lifetime warranty for Nobel Biocare dental implants

            ? IMPLANT+, a full maintenance plan for dental implants


Besides introducing these new technologies and services, one of the big challenges in my years of practice has been changing Romanians attitude towards oral hygiene and dental health. That is how our education projects were born, especially for children and teenagers whose attitude towards health is easier to be reshaped.


Our “Building healthy smiles” program has been the largest educational project implemented by a dental clinic in Romania and it included a series of activities that continue to this day. This platform is also dedicated to parents that can participate with their children to our “Dental Care Parenting” project.


For teenagers we started a wide educational campaign in schools, “Your smile, your choice”. Our specialists talked to teenagers, gave them advice on dental care and invited them to DENT ESTET 4 Teens to make a consult and improve their smiles.


The difference between a business made with numbers in mind and a family business is the passion and dedication invested in it. DENT ESTET is the result of the passion that I strived to pass over to my entire team. Without this, innovation and progress could not have been possible.