Higher expectations from patients trigger dentistry market growth

Investing in education, innovation and a strong management system is the key for leadership in dentistry.

1. How has the dentistry services market evolved in 2015? What are the perspectives for 2016?

In 2015, the dentistry market has encountered a growth not only in terms of turnover, but also when it comes to consumer behavior. Patients have more expectations and higher standards from the healthcare providers, and this makes the big players on the market invest more in dental management. We have always considered that investing in education, innovation and in a strong management system is the key for leadership in dentistry. I am sure that this ascending trend will continue in the following years.

For 2016, we will keep developing dental educational programs and informing patients about their choices and the main criteria for choosing the right dental clinic or dentist.

Furthermore, Dental Office Managers School will carry on with the next classes that form and certify managers for dental clinics. This will allow dentists to focus on their medical act, while the Dental Office Manager will be able to make the businesses profitable and friendly for the patients.


2.What is DENT ESTET’s contribution, as a market leader, to this development in 2015?

As a market leader, we strongly believe that it is our duty to constantly innovate and create new niches on the Romanian dentistry market, but also to help other clinics improve their management systems.

We have managed to do this through DOM School, where more than 100 managers for dental clinics were trained in 2015.


3. In 2015, what investment plans have you managed to implement? What has gone better and what has gone worse than expected? What are the causes? What are your plans for 2016?

For DENT ESTET Clinics, 2015 is a consolidation year, focused on delivering high quality information and dental treatments to patients in Romania. Also, through our 7 premium dental clinics in Bucharest and Timisoara, we have successfully managed to create new partnerships with influencers in the education field and to sustain free dental programs in more than 80 schools and kindergartens.

If we were to mention the obstacles we had to manage, I would say that we had to find new ways to disseminate the information to a larger public, but also to develop new patient care systems for a better communication with our patients.


4.Private consumption has grown in 2014-2015. Have you seen any growth in terms of health expenditures/ aesthetic expenditures?

Yes, the market has definitely grown. This can be easily observed in patients’ behavior and in their decision to choose clinics with a full range of treatments instead of small offices that can provide  only one service. Following the patients’ frequent needs for dental implants and complex restorative treatments, DENT ESTET has invested in developing Implant Division, the largest dental implants center in Romania.



5. From the point of view of the dentistry industry services, what are your expectations for the market share of the large companies versus individual professionals?Have you seen any inflection point for the market share growth (companies vs. individuals)?

As stated before, the changes in the patients’ behavior have determined patients to choose clinics that can offer them all the medical services rather than a small office in the proximity of their homes. Patients understand more and more the benefits of being treated in a very safe environment, where technology, professional evolution and patient care are key elements for the business to progress.

For us this represents an advantage because it means that the decision is based on research, usually done on the internet. And the main players focus a lot on reviews and online communication. This can stand as a first major attempt to grow market share and popularity.


6.How has the influx of professionals been in 2015 (are there enough young new-entry professionals in the industry)? Can you structure the professionals in DENT ESTET by ages (for instance <35; 35-44; 45-54; 55-64; >65)?

DENT ESTET has 200 specialists, of which 70 are doctors. They are focused on the patient care from the first contact to the end of the treatment and during the dental recall programs. Through our dental education platform, we annually train young students during their university practices and some of them become part of our team. One important aspect that I want to emphasize on is that each dentist that has joined DENT ESTET medical team has to follow a very strict professional development protocol by attending at least 2 important international congresses on his specialty.

If we were to structure the professionals who work at DENT ESTET by ages, over 50% are from 35 to 44 years old, a quarter are under 35, and the other quarter is over 45 (including management, doctors, nurses).


7.How have investments in new technologies increased productivity in 2015 (measured for instance by the average time for a dentistry intervention)?

DENT ESTET has introduced many innovations in dentistry in Romania for the last 16 years. Obviously, each new technology and technique has helped the doctors increase the success rate on dental treatments and save costs and time.

We provide complete restorative solutions in less than 24 hours by using the Fast&Fixed dental implants system from Bredent medical. Furthermore, the patients can see the final result of the treatment before they even started it with the Digital Smile Design Concept, we can create in the office natural membrane for a complex intervention and use the patient’s own blood for a faster healing with PRGF – Endoret technology etc.

It is very comforting for the patient to know that he can benefit from all the treatments he or she needs in the same place, at the same high standards.


8.Are implants economically viable for Romanians?

I will start this answer with some official statistics stating that: over 70% of Romanians are missing at least one tooth and 30% of the adult population is completely edentulous.

So, the need for complex restorative dental treatments exists on the market and more and more patients understand the long term problems of their general health by not treating their dental affections in time. In order to fulfil the dental implants market requests entirely, we have invested in Implant Division, the largest dental implant center in Romania. Through this department, we can provide patients with the highest technologies for complex restorative interventions in only one day, a multidisciplinary approach on the treatment and pain free procedures through the only AIC Department in a dental clinic in Romania. The medical team is made up by 6 doctors specialized in USA and Europe in Dental Implantology, Dr. Drago? Calangiu being a certified Bredent medical reviewer.


9.Considering that DENT ESTET is the first company in Eastern Europe which has a unit dedicated to kids, how do you see the growth of dentistry services for this particular target?

I have to say that in the past years I have seen an increased interest from parents and educational institutions (schools, kindergartens etc.) towards dental education and treatments for children. Now, DENT ESTET has 4 dental clinics in Bucharest and Timisoara (DENT ESTET 4 KIDS and DENT ESTET 4 TEENS), with a team of approximately 40 pediatric dentists who work exclusively with children. The clinics have a unique AIC department, with a team of 8 anesthesiologists.

We are currently engaged in free education programs for schools, kindergartens and other partners that provide services and products for children. Over 3,000 children have participated in programs like: ‘Visiting Tooth Fairy’, ‘Your smile. Your choice’ etc. Furthermore, we have developed a free dental project for parents, called ‘Dental Care Parenting’.