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Deloitte Romania and Reff & Associates obtained a referral to the CJEU by the Bucharest Court of Appeal

The referral comes in a dispute regarding VAT on transactions not involving the supply…

Deloitte study: financial services organizations are beginning to show progress in implementing the new EU regulation on digital operational resilience, DORA

The study points out that all four pillars of the DORA – information and…

KPMG Global Economic Outlook - H1 2023: Inflation and supply chain fears easing, but global economy continues to face uncertainty

The outlook for the global economy has taken a positive turn in the first…

Schneider Electric calls for greater efforts to accelerate the energy transition and address the energy crisis: decarbonization and efficiency are key

At Schneider, the approach is to ‘Digitize Strategize, Decarbonize’ - businesses, governments…


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CE Oltenia’s transformation, with a balanced, low carbon and profitable portfolio of generation capacities, is of strategic importance for Romania

Interview with Mrs. LACRAMIOARA DIACONU-PINTEA, Member of the Board of Directors, CE Oltenia

Meaningful innovation can unlock the potential of a digital economy

Interview with Daniel Rusen, Director of Marketing and Operations, Microsoft Romania

Romania is Betting high on Renewable Energy

Interview with Zoltan Nagy-Bege, Vice-President - ANRE

Can Romania become more competitive in a global market?

A short answer is that it takes time in order to see sustainable results

Indecision today locks in higher costs tomorrow

Romania needs to enable a viable environment for investments in energy sector in Romania…


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Battery materials meet recycling: BASF is the first company to establish a co-located battery materials and recycling center

And so closes the loop in the European battery value chain

Fiscal Revolution BEPS

Companies Must Get Ready for Major Changes to International Tax Rules

BCR improves its credit offer for business owners

The Romanian Commercial Bank (BCR) improves its credit offer for business owners, providing…

Cohesion Policy: getting the most from EU Funds for growth and jobs

Measures to help crisis-hit countries to use much needed EU funds have been proposed…