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First-time manager: opportunity or risk?

Author: Constantin Magdalina, Emerging Trends, and Technologies Expert

Deloitte-MIT Sloan Management Review study: companies increasingly rely on technology-based solutions such as artificial intelligence, robots or mobile applications

This is necessary for filling workforce shortage

eJobs salary index: 62% of employees in the banking sector earn less than 4,000 lei net per month

At the same time, there are major salary differences between top management and office…

PayWell 2021: Private sector gross salaries expected to increase by an average of 8.11% in 2022

This case occurs after an average increase of 8.94% this year

Deloitte survey: 70% of CIOs and IT leaders accelerated their finance transformation strategies by at least a year due to COVID-19

45% of CIOs and IT leaders say they need to innovate more quickly and…

Studiu Valoria: Multe industrii fac Valoria survey: Many industries are just taking their first steps in digitalizationabia primii pasi in digitalizare

If managers in most industries do not consider digital business models a threat to…

How far has the digitalization of Romanian industries advanced?

Author: Constantin Magdalina, Emerging Trends and Technologies Expert

Mental Toughness - the reality that makes the difference

Mental Toughness helps us see where we really are and understand what path we…

People analytics – solution to the labor force crises

According to McKinsey study, companies using employee data analysis increase their recruitment…

Deloitte analysis: Romanian key employees can benefit from more fiscally favorable incentive plans compared to other countries in the region

The long term incentive plan called Stock Option Plan, based on which the employer…

Valoria launches a new edition of the Barometer of customer centricity in Romania”

72% consider understanding client needs as the main value that supports customer focus…