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European citizens believe health sector, small business, creating new jobs and digital should be focus of EU pandemic Recovery Funds

According to a new survey of 15,000 Europeans across 15 countries from Vodafone’s think…

The mobile application revolution in marketing, sales, and HR

Author: Elena Badea, Managing Partner, Valoria Business Solutions

PwC and World Economic Forum report: Investments in upskilling would lead to the creation of 5.3 million net new jobs by 2030

The report notes that unemployment is expected to rise as economies continue to experience…

Jobs study: 2020, the hardest year for Romanians, from a professional point of view

For 2021, they set out to change jobs, continue working from home or take…

Deloitte study: a quarter of employees have seen their roles change following the implementation of intelligent automation and a third will need to be retrained

Faced with this unexpected global health crisis, organizations turned to technology in…

PwC Outlook: The global economy is projected to rebound by early 2022, with the fastest rate recorded in the 21st century

While the global economy is likely to be back to its pre-crisis levels, the…

2020, the year that changed everything

Authors: Elena Badea, Managing Director, Constantin Magdalina, Emerging Trends & Technologies…

Who is the data scientist the market is searching for?

There have been analyzed for that 90% of the different job offers* for the…

The first 1000 days for the next 100 years

Author: Gabriel BIRIS, Managing Partner, BIRIS GORAN SPARL

Digital talent journey Romania-Germany

Crystal System has transformed more than 10.000 students into digital talents since 2004…

EJobs study: more than half of the candidates who applied this year did not receive feedback from employers

Almost as many will never apply to those companies again