West Gate extends its 15.500 sqm office lease agreement with Ericsson Romania by 2024, marking a record contract for 16 years uninterrupted

West Gate extends its 15.500 sqm office lease agreement with Ericsson Romania by 2024, marking a record contract for 16 years uninterrupted

West Gate Business Park, from western side of the capital, owned by Genesis Property, extended the lease of office space with Ericsson Romania for another 5 years.

West Gate Offices host one of the four global Ericsson Service Centers (GSC) with approximately 1,900 employees serving 24/7 over 200 million customers in 20 countries across the globe.

Ericsson Romania has been present since 2008 in West Gate offices, when it rented 3,500 sqm and continued to grow continuously, currently occupying 15,500 sqm.

"We mark the beginning of 2019 with an extension of the contract with one of the most important tenants on the Romanian office market - Ericsson. Our company thus achieves another record contract, for 16 consecutive years, with a multinational of such size. From the beginning, our efforts have been directed towards improving the lives of office workers. This directly influences the increase in their performance proportionally and adds value to the company's employer brand. We will continue to invest in the constant development of our services, focusing on delivering memorable experiences to tenant employees, "says Liviu Tudor, president and founder of Genesis Property.

Currently, the West Gate office park offers to the business community (consisting of over 10,000 employees and students) a wide range of services and facilities such as: a four star accommodation, a medical center, three dedicated parking spaces a multi-level parking lot with 600 seats, a 170-seat parking lot and a 180-seat campus parking), a restaurant, a supermarket, five cafes, a car wash, a clothes cleaner, a fitness room, outdoor relaxation areas on the grass and the outdoor swimming pool with roller-blading and roller-blading track.

"In 10 years, the space occupied by Ericsson has increased 5 times - from 3,500 sqm in 2008 to 15,500 sqm in 2018. During this time, we have managed to consolidate the company's offices in a single West Gate building (which it occupies in its entirety), contributing to the efficiency of leased space utilization and ensuring the continuity of Ericsson's global service center. We will continue with this tenant in all stages of the development of his business, with optimal solutions to solve any requirement, regardless of its complexity. The extension of this contract is another confirmation for us that our service standards manage to rise to the highest level in the industry, "adds Stefan Tudos, vice president of Genesis Property.

At the beginning of September 2018, following an investment of EUR 1.5 million, the only outdoor swimming pool with rollerblading and running track was opened in West Gate, located in an office park in Romania.

West Gate companies include Ericsson, Societe Generale European Business Services, Siemens, WNS, Citi, Accenture, Panasonic, Alpha Bank, Carestream Health and Medicover.