Successful Entrepreneur – The rock star of business world

Few jobs are trendier and would trigger more curiosity than those of success trainers. Seen as really rock stars of business world, entrepreneurial leaders often enjoy the name of inventive and way-out rebels.

Decades of research have been dedicated, worldwide, to detect the special features defining the successful entrepreneurial leaders. Even if all this effort didn’t conclude so far to discovering the unique formula of “entrepreneurial gene”, to be cultivated and replicated, several characteristics and common behaviours have been spotted.


Still, only to identify these qualities is not enough in order to create the environment of a successful business. Building a effective entrepreneurial business depends on the complex interaction of multiple factors, internal and external, such as economy context, geographical area, family entrepreneurship culture and, sometimes, purely luck.


Within the context of more and more governments representing large nations praise the entrepreneurship and innovation, as favoured resources of economic growth and drivers of new jobs, the question still stands: which are the defining elements of an entrepreneurial spirit?  


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