Intracom Telecom: A new subsidiary in Spain

Intracom Telecom: A new subsidiary in Spain

Intracom Telecom, a global provider of telecommunications systems and solutions based in Athens, Greece, today announced that it has begun operating in Spain, reflecting the company's vision of participating as a key international player in the process of modernizing Mediterranean economies.

The inaugural event took place on 27 September at the Residence of the Greek Ambassador in Madrid.

The Spanish subsidiary of Intrarom Telecom is located in Madrid where customer needs are assured by the assistance of the local specialized personnel involved in the digital transformation process and 5G.

The local company is focusing on promoting the entire Intracom Telecom Group portfolio that includes areas such as Wireless Access & Transmission, Telcom Software and IoT Enabling Solutions and Smart City Deals.

"We have begun to expand our company's values ​​and full potential in southern Europe and Latin America. We have become a point of reference in the ultra-wide bandwidth for three reasons: high quality and own products and technologies, a team of highly qualified professionals, and excellent local support that allows us to improve our relationships with customers, "said Ercole Rovida, Vice President Sales Iberia, Italy and LATAM.
"I am convinced that we are on the right track in Spain. Intracom Telecom is ready to add value, to be flexible and to listen to its customers." 

"We are addressing Spain as a strategic market of high priority, and we are here to work with a high degree of involvement with our customers and partners to achieve their business goals," he added.

It is noteworthy that, recently, Intracom Telecom has signed a strategic contract with the National Association of Local Telecom Operators (AOTEC) in Spain, representing the interests of the industry.