E-Civis Association, with Microsoft support, launches RoboHub for children from disadvantaged families in Bucharest

E-Civis Association, with Microsoft support, launches RoboHub for children from disadvantaged families in Bucharest

The E-Civis Association, with support from Microsoft, launched RoboHub, a space dedicated to robotics and programming courses that aims to open the way for technology and analytical thinking of children from disadvantaged families in Bucharest and the adjacent areas.

Within RoboHub (located at 19-21, Mihai Eminescu Street ) will be held every weekend, starting on 29th September, various courses from programming with the smallest programmable robots, Minecraft Education and MakeCode, to those with Arduino and Raspberry Pi.
Courses will be free of charge for socially subsidized and for children from families with a maximum income of 4,000 RON. Enrollments can be made online, on the organization's website: www.e-civis.eu or by phone 0721 678 764. Places will be booked in the order of entries, with a waiting list if the maximum number of children in each group is exceeded.

Each type of course will have a maximum of 20 participants and a duration of 1 month, thus allowing as many children as possible to get in touch with some of the most beloved disciplines, robotics and programming, and also giving them the chance to test different programming platforms and hardware.

From 29th September, the Introduction to Robot Programming and Programming with MakeCode and Micro: Bit begin, and four different types will be introduced at the end of October.

"We chose robots as a means of learning for a number of reasons, also identified in academic papers: robot workshops are practical activities that require critical and creative thinking. Beyond this, it helps children to reflect on human nature by analyzing the complex way in which a robot has to be programmed to perform actions such as stepping or word communication. Also, Microsoft's investment has paved the way for a sustainable collaboration in digital education for children in Bucharest and neighboring counties by attracting important partners such as the Institute of Research and Development for Earth Physics or the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at Bucharest University" said Ana-Maria Stancu, initiator and president of E-Civis.

RoboHub is part of Microsoft's "Next Future" program to support the development of digital competencies through programming activities for over 11,000 students.

In addition, through popularization events and online and offline resources developed under each of the four projects, it will increase awareness of new technologies among more than 160,000 children, while also providing specialized training for better of 4,000 teachers across the country, focusing especially on disadvantaged areas.

E-Civis is an active association in Romania since 2009, a member of the European Skills and Jobs Coalition at the local and European level, as well as of the European Robotics Network, with a significant experience in promoting democratic values ​​through technology.

Through the Everyone Digital project developed under the Another Future program, E-Civis aims to ensure equal access to technology for all children and young people, focusing on poor areas in the south of Moldova and Moldova, but also addressing children in Bucharest whose families can not afford a robotic or programming course.