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Private pensions, a meaningful industry with an important social role

The best time to think about long-term care is before you need it

Can Romania become more competitive in a global market?

A short answer is that it takes time in order to see sustainable results

Showcasing entrepreneurial success

Entrepreneurs provide one of the main engines of growth in any healthy economy

The business analytics software industry, between innovation and need for restructuring

According to many analysts and those in the Hadoop community, more than half of…

Adapting to a new competitiveness level

Major changes to legislation need to be backed by impact studies, with a long-term…

Capital market modernisation, a step by step process

To have a progress when it comes to the reform of the market in…

Recent developments and future prospects of the operational leasing market

The local market is evolving step by step and company managers begin to acknowledge…

Our business is based on people’s trust

The trust of the client can be obtained and maintained only if the insurer…

Digitalization, the word of the year

4G will soon change the way people relate with their smartphones

Service quality a deciding factor in a diversified market

Building a sustainable future for the upcoming generations will help change the alarming situation…

Recent disputes in the neighboring country show us how valuable energy security can be

Companies need to strongly embrace change (in order to be successful in this new…

Goals for 2014: continuing to grow while maintaining a prudential approach

One of our main goals is to grow, to develop our activity, but not…