I am Just Following up my Dream

I am Just Following up my Dream

Interview with Liviu Dragan, Chairman - Druid Romania

Q: Druid is a young startup specialized in artificial intelligence and automated enterprise chatbots. Are local businesses ready for such a bold move?

Liviu Dragan: Yes, they are. There is an extraordinary desire for local companies to understand how chatbots could support their business.

Q: What has been you company’s dynamic for the beginning of 2019? What are the prospects for the future?

Liviu Dragan: From the beginning of 2019 we have developed and implemented standard chatbots for different verticals: healthcare, retail and distribution, financial services, customer services, utilities. Due to our technological partnership with UiPath, we are going to offer, together with their partners, a complete AI solutions for local businesses. This strategy is a cornerstone for digitalization process of the modern business world.

Q: What do you think are the main trends that will transform the way of doing business in the next years?

Liviu Dragan: Together, Robots, RPA (Robotic Process Automation – Ed.) and Chatbots will transform the work paradigm in companies. Mobility, self-service and creativity tasks will guide our business life. So, that translates in more autonomy when doing business and eliminating repetitive and boring tasks. Companies like Banca Transilvania, BCR , Regina Maria, Farmexpert, Dona, Asirom, BT mic, and many others are using our chatbots.

Q: Can you give us a hint on the new intelligent business solutions that we can expect from your company? What are the sectors you think would benefit the most out of artificial intelligence?

Liviu Dragan: Our chatbots will change the way business will be done. I strongly believe that all the companies are open to use chatbots, whatever business vertical might be.

Q: How does “Slowbalization”, the new economic reality, translate for the Software industry? How is this affecting your plans of going global?

Liviu Dragan: Glo(slow)balization helped the software industry. The blow up of digitalization was a positive support by this effect.

Q: Coming after TotalSoft success, was it hard to basically reinvent yourself with Druid? Would you do it again with another startup?

Liviu Dragan: After Totalsoft, I worked with myself to erase my previous experience in order to be different in an AI startup . And I succeeded!

I am not thinking about another startup. I love what I am doing and all my passion is focused now towards growing Druid.

Q: How do you prepare for permanent self-improvement as a leader? How do you get out of your comfort zone? How do you find the right work-life balance?

Liviu Dragan: I am in my comfort zone. My strategy is not to improve myself as a leader, but to create another story, even more beautiful, even greater. I am just following up on my dream.

Q: What’s your „Be careful at…“ advice for the managers of large local companies and entrepreneurs in 2019?

Liviu Dragan: Be careful to your employees! Be careful to your story! Be careful to your personal life! Don’t care about mistakes or fails. Build a story that inspires people.

Q: What would be the 3 things you would like to tell people who want to start a successful business in Romania?

Liviu Dragan: Find financial support. Have an achievable idea. Have a nice story.