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Fiscal and accounting treatment of operations with crypto assets - few certainties, many unknowns

Opinion material by Angela Borza, Manager, Direct Taxes, and Monica Zipis, Senior Consultant, Indirect…

Deloitte study: parents concerned about the increasing prices for back-to-school products

More than a third expect higher spending this year

Deloitte study: Romania remains among the European states with the cheapest housing. Our country is one of the few where the most expensive city is not the capital

A Romanian needs 6.3 average gross annual salaries to purchase a standard dwelling (70…

Deloitte study: stronger pessimism regarding economic conditions than at the beginning of the pandemic among Central European private equity firms

The confidence index is at a second historical low, after the one registered during…

Major changes in taxation in the field of HoReCa and micro-enterprises. Which tax regime do we choose?

Opinion material by Camelia Malahov, Director, and Razvan Urzica, Senior Consultant, Deloitte Romania

Digitalization of ANAF - what are the obligations of taxpayers covered by RO e-Transport?

Opinion material by Victoria Dobre, Senior Manager, and Raluca Ciociia, Senior Consultant, Indirect Taxes,…

Deloitte study: Romanians believe that climate change is caused by human activities and they are adjusting purchasing behavior to limit negative impact on environment

The study also reveals that climate change has become a source of anxiety, especially…

Netflix fee, a new tax in Romania

Opinion material by Ana Petrescu-Mujdei, Senior Manager, Deloitte Romania

The new tax provisions must be doubled by efforts to increase collection

Opinion material by Vlad Boeriu, Fiscal and Legal Services Coordinating Partner, Deloitte Romania

July 1, 2022 - fire deadline for Romanian taxpayers. How clear are the new obligations?

Opinion material by Adrian Teampau, Director, Indirect Taxation, Deloitte Romania

Deloitte study: most working women feel an increasing level of stress, many are facing burnout and plan to resign

On the other hand, the study shows a significant difference in the status and…