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DRUID is the technology company with the fastest natural growth in Central Europe over the last three years, according to Deloitte 2021 CE Technology Fast 50 ranking

FintechOS is also among the fastest growing start-ups in the region

Payment rescheduling, in simplified form - beneficial in case of temporary financial difficulties

Opinion material by Luiza Ionescu-Donoiu, Senior Managing Associate, Laura Epure (Spiridon), Senior Associate, Reff…

Social Progress Index analyzing the quality of life and social wellbeing: Romania climbs one position on the 44th place in the global ranking, but remains the last among EU countries

Romania registers a score of 78.41 points out of 100, slightly higher than last…

The automotive industry - between the crisis of components and environmental objectives

Opinion material by Ciprian Gavriliu, Fiscal Services Partner, Deloitte Romania

Deloitte-Fortune survey: labor shortage is a bigger concern than the pandemic for companies over the next year

90% of the surveyed CEOs say climate change needs to be addressed urgently

The new list of large taxpayers - implications from the perspective of SAF-T and transfer pricing

Opinion material by Alexandra Bunea-Oprisescu, Director, Transfer Prices, Maria Butcu, Director, Outsourced Services Solutions,…

The most complex ANAF statement for companies has been officially adopted. What's next?

Opinion material by Victoria Dobre, Senior Manager, and Adrian Teampau, Director, Indirect Taxes, Deloitte…

To BePM or not to BePM?

Opinion article by Andrei Paraschiv, Senior Manager Consulting, Deloitte Romania

Romania is drastically taxing the sale of non-performing loans. What do other countries do?

Opinion article by Alexandra Smedoiu, Partner, Anca Ghizdavu, Senior Manager, and Cristina Bors, Manager,…

Building permit fee - unclear issues for new property owners

Opinion material by Ana Petrescu, Senior Manager, Direct Taxes, Deloitte Romania, and Maria Nitulescu,…

Deloitte study: digital marketing spending is expected to increase by almost 15% until the end of 2021, while traditional advertising will slightly decrease

Additionally, the survey highlights that digital marketing has become a pillar for companies’ success…