Melinda Instal obtains higher transparency of business processes with new ERP solution

With a general manager convinced that an ERP project’s success is all about choosing the right solution, Melinda Instal opted for Microsoft Dynamics AX to support its business worth more than 30 million EUR

The selection process was very meticulous, it lasted for 6 months and included presentations from 8 suppliers, an analysis of the functionalities and a reference check. With this in mind, the choice was the right one and the Microsoft Dynamics AX solution, implemented by XAPT, became the foundation of the decisions taken by the management team and contributed to the improvement of the economic indicators of Melinda Instal.

About the organization
Together with Melinda Steel, Melinda Instal is part of Melinda Group. The company was established in 1994 and is one of the top players on the market for materials and parts for installations. At the beginning of 2000, the company expanded rapidly on the regional level by opening branches in several countries. However, it also drove expansion by diversifying its products and services offered on both business lines: distribution and retail.

The company is active on the national level through its own network of regional warehouses (in Bucharest, Bacau, Craiova, Targu Mures, Cluj, Timisoara, Oradea, Baia Mare, Bistrita and Brasov). These account for 16,500 square meters of storage space. The company has a network of 16 stores with more than 5,000 square meters overall exposure area. Melinda Instal trades over 12,000 products: materials and parts for water, gas, heating and sewage installations as well as full bathroom solutions.

Melinda Instal has its main office in Odorheiu Secuiesc that employs more than 250 persons. It has its own car fleet of about 100 cars. In 2011, Melinda Group’s overall turnover equaled more than 70 million EUR; 35-36 million EUR came from Melinda Instal.
According to analyses performed, Melinda Instal has a 5% market share and ranks third on the market for trade of materials for installations.

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