Business Conference (r) Evolution in Iasi

Business Conference (r) Evolution in Iasi

Digitalization - Trend or Tsunami? How does digitization transform Romania's economy

Executive executives from local and multinational companies, as well as important entrepreneurs from Iasi and adjacent counties, are expected to participate at the National Conference "Business (r) Evolution - Digitalization, Trend or Tsunami" organized by Doingbusiness.ro on Thursday, 18 October 2018 at Hotel International, Sala Magnum, at 8:30 am.

The event provides participants with a unique opportunity to understand the ways in which companies from different industries relate to the phenomenon of digitization, the trends that bring opportunities for them, and also the risks faced by those who are not digitization.

"Digital transformation has multiple facets depending on the business sector, the function in the company that it targets, the requirements of the customers and the partners. The problems brought about by digitization are complex and the solutions can be diverse. The National Business (r) Evolution conference in Iasi is an exceptional opportunity for managers to find solutions to the irreversible transformations brought about by the digital business revolution. We will discuss whether digitization is a trend or a tsunami, as almost everything is changed - from production and consumption to financial intermediation, "said Dumitru ION, CEO Doingbusiness.ro.

The conference, moderated by consultant Tudor Galos, is structured in two sessions: the first dedicated to the advanced digital economy and digitization opportunities, and the second, a special, interactive session dedicated to leaders who want to achieve maximum management performance.

The first part of the conference will be opened by Dan Schipor, Partner of BDO Romania, who has over 16 years of experience in Strategic Management due to top management positions held in national and multinational companies.

In this session, Alina Marchis, an expert of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, will talk about the over 700 Romanian companies that have been supported so far under the EBRD SME Consultancy program to access consultancy services and to transform business.

On the other hand, Laura Sachelarie, Senior Segment Manager, Segment Management & Proposition Delivery Romania at Telekom Romania will talk about the solutions it provides to companies to help them on their way to digitization.

Tudor Galos, Tudor Galos Consulting, will offer a new perspective on digital marketing strategies in the context of GDPR, and Ozana Giusca, Tooliers, present ways to accelerate sales that do not require additional costs.

Session participants will also know the applications that make the transition from big data to smart data and will see how big companies have approached digital transformation.

For the first time at the national conference Business (r) Evolution, the event includes a second interactive session, a presentation of maximum interactivity, supported by international speaker Allan Kleynhans, a coach and trainer that helps business leaders to identify their key relationship skills communication as well as finding how to maximize these abilities in order to lead departments and teams to best performances.

You can find out more here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvBXjPpeeAY 

The main partner of the event is Telekom Romania. The conference partners are Allianz-Tiriac Asigurari, EdenRed, Valoria, Kompass Romania, Allan Kleynhans International and Tooliers.
The event is supported by Qubiq Digital Solutions, and media partners are Agerpres, Transilvania Business, newspapers.com, Business Journal, Careers, Business24, CFnet - Financial News Magazine, Financial Market, spaceconstruit.ro, Events Calendar, IasiFun, Ziarul de Iasi, Radio Romania Iasi.

The attending at the national Business (r) Evolution conference, which offers a great networking opportunity, is free of charge for the first 2 representatives of each participating company at the event.

The program of the event and the participation conditions are available here:

After the event, the national Business (r) Evolution conference continues in Brasov on 31 October  2018, followed on 22 November by the second reference conference this year organized by Doingbusiness.ro in Cluj-Napoca: CEO Conference - Shaping the Future.