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Top trends that transform the travels in 2020

The tourism and travel industry is radically affected by the Internet and mobile technologies

Dr. IA - Bosch facilitates medical diagnosis with the help of artificial intelligence

The Vivascope cell analysis platform received the Innovation Award at CES 2020

The Efficient Romania: How you can save energy and reduce your heating bill by a few simple methods

The study aims to support the achievement of Romania's energy efficiency targets set by…

2019 - a brightless year in the global IPO business, with a general decrease in the number and value of transactions

Geopolitical uncertainties and trade tensions had a strong impact on the IPO market in…

A new job, a salary increase and a job closer to home are the main professional goals of the Romanians, in 2020

Most Romanians believe that, from a professional point of view, this year will be…


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Why and How to Stand out as a Business Leader in the New Era

Interview with Carmen Stefan, Business Strategist


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The largest car importer in Romania: Our deliveries increased by 7% compared to the previous year

Porsche Romania ended the year 2019 with a total of 35,332 cars delivered to…

Yango received a technical approval valid for two years for functioning as a digital platform in Romania

Yango has once again demonstrated its commitment to the Romanian market and its firm…

CEC Bank customers can pay today with the phone through CEC Pay

Banking should be as simple and accessible as any other online experience

Drop & go launched, the first Romanian laundry application to get rid of laundry care

Now, with a few clicks, anyone can send the clothes to the laundry in…

Filip & Company assisted BT Leasing in a bond issue of 40 million euros

The team involved in this transaction was coordinated by Alexandru Birsan (Partner), and included…


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CEO Conference - Shaping the Future, Bucharest, 2018

Bucharest, Stejarii Country Club, 22 May 2018


The Global Summit of Credit and Collection Professionals


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