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Marius Melesteu - CEO Strauss Romania @ LEADERS INSIGHTS Interviews

Asistam la un tip de schimbare pe care eu as numi-o schimbare fortata. Ea…


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STRAUSS Romania the emotional economics of coffee

Interview with Mr. MARIUS MELESTEU, General Manager, STRAUSS ROMANIA

Navigating in the coffee world of the future

Interview with Mr Marius Melesteu, General Manager, Strauss Romania

Forced change engages us to Reinvent

The balance between digital expectations and continued promotion on traditional channels will ensure, in…

How to remain competitive in the technological revolution context

Interview with Marius Melesteu, General Manager Strauss South Central Europe - Strauss Group

20 years of passion for coffee at Strauss Romania

Coffee is no more just an “energy kick”, it is a way to enchant…