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Libra Internet Bank updates its core-banking system to develop new applications useful to customers

Libra Internet Bank becomes the first bank in Romania to use the R19 version…

Single declaration - issues related to the postponement of the submission deadline, the payment of fees and the application of bonuses

Opinion material by Simona Badoiu, Manager, and Radu Derscariu, Director, Global Employer…

Romanians storm the labor market - almost 1 million job applications were registered in the last month

This crisis has made candidates much more aware of what is happening on the…

New set of CoVid-19 measures - State of Alert. Rules and recommendations for employers

By adopting GD 394/2020, the state of alert was implemented for a period of…

Italian WISPs Embrace Intracom Telecom’s TDD E-Band Radio for Gigabit Access

The Company claims to be the first to deploy TDD E-Band radios in Italy

Employment relationships under impact of pandemic COVID-19

The Romanian authorities have adopted and amended numerous enactments to support businesses,…

Tax relief measures and subsidies during pandemic COVID-19

The Romanian authorities have adopted and amended numerous enactments to support businesses,…

Government Decision no. 217/2020 regarding the application of the provisions of Law no. 19/2020 regarding the granting of free days to the parents for the supervision of the children

Only one of the parents will benefit from free days

CESAROM launches 25 new floor tiles and faience collections and announces the trends of the year in home decoration improvement

Every year, CESAROM creates floor tiles and faience collections that keep up with the…

What do you need to increase sales in 2020?

There are five essential elements that, by their impact on efficiency, lead to increased…

The demand for electric cars is growing, but consumers are reluctant to autonomous vehicles

Electric vehicle demand is growing fast in the European Union

Roland Berger study: Artificial intelligence will significantly influence the competitiveness of insurance companies in the next 3-5 years - 2 out of 3 players in the EU consider the topic of strategi

The differences in competitiveness will be accentuated following the implementation of…