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What we find at the crossroads of crises

Author: George Agafitei, Trainer & Coach, Partner of the brand Valoria

The Covid-19 pandemic, an opportunity to reduce the dependency towards „Made in China” brand

The trade deficit of the EU community bloc in relation to China reached 164…

How Will Coronavirus Impact the Global Economy?

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has presented an unprecedented shock to the global…

OECD Secretariat Analysis of Tax Treaties and the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis

Below you can find the main guidelines offered in this study

7 marketing and sales challenges in the post-COVID economy

Author: Elena Badea, Managing Partner, Valoria Business Solutions

Cashback at POS, a possible alternative to ATMs?

Review article by Andrei Burz-Pinzaru, Managing Partner, and Geanina Stingaciu, Associates…

The impact of negligence on verifying business partners' risk potential over VAT

The regularly check of the risk potential of business partners is becoming more and…

KPMG analysis: 3 million lei - The average lifetime tax paid by a family with one child in Romania.  How do the authorities spend our taxes?

How much money do we pay to the state over our lifetime and what…

Performance management – good system, poor system

The management population in Romania is over 100,000, of which about 33% are women.…

Why is it important the integrated financial reporting?

A new type of financial reporting appears in the Romanian business landscape, the integrated…

What leaders do not learn in school

No business objective will be achieved unless the desired parameters are related to the…

 ‘High Performance Coaches Do Not Offer Crutches to Olympic Runners!’

With the management team coached the right way, a company will overcome their objectives…