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Fiscal risk assessment

Author: Florentina Susnea, Managing Partner, PKF Finconta

Aligning the team for the success of the company

Author: Alina Fanita, CEO and Partner, PKF Finconta

The impact of leaders with emotional intelligence in business

Author: Alina Fanita, CEO & Partner, PKF Finconta

Strategy and creativity, the alliance of success

Author: Alina Fanita, Partner, PKF Finconta

Family businesses and the key to success in overcoming the crisis

Author: Florentina Susnea, Founder and Managing Partner, PKF Finconta


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The agile manager turns obstacles into opportunities

Autonomous, multidisciplinary team-based companies respond quickly to market opportunities and changes in consumer demand.That's…

Organizational culture change, an elephant eaten with a spoon

Product diversification, technology advancement, and increased global competition have given the business envi-ronment unprecedented…

Digitization of professional services companies

Unlike the industry where the product is tangible, the professional services cannot be physically…

Creating a new organizational culture based on self-leadership

Leadership is an art, an exercise of will and, why not, a bet with…

School, a solution for female entrepreneurship

Female entrepreneurship in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe is in a difficult…