Why is important to make #eCommerce in Romania: 3 major benefits

Why is important to make #eCommerce in Romania: 3 major benefits

Automating, personalizing user experience, and deploying technology as support for development, remain priorities for the business strategy of online stores in 2019.

Romania is still a young market for eCommerce, with many opportunities for development and relatively cheap access to online marketing channels. Our country is becoming more and more tempting for local players (Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, etc.), who come with more developed market know-how and know the "stake of the game".

What our eCommerce entrepreneurs tell us:

Mihai Vinatoru (Managing Partner & Head of SEO @DWF), Jan Lastuvka (CEO @MonkeyData) and Cristian Ignat (Co-founder & CEO Aggranda, Chief Canopyst @ Canopyst) are among the oldest entrepreneurs in this industry and come on April 10 at TeCOMM Bucharest 2019 with new solutions, perspectives and trends in eCommerce.

"The advantage of online Romanian shops will be in the superior ability to relate to customers, to personalize their experience according to the cultural and linguistic specificity that the local market has. I consider that for any current eCommerce in Romania it would be particularly useful to evaluate the business model, the figures for growth and the growth dynamics for the similar online stores they have registered in the region in the last years, " says Mihai Vinatoru Managing Partner & Head of SEO @ DWF).

Software robots and AI change the perception of business in eCommerce

"The most important aspect nowadays is artificial intelligence, and online stores should integrate AI based tools as quickly as possible. AI will totally change the way the ecommerce industry is perceived - from retail to analysis data. "

Jan Lastuvka is MonkeyData CEO - a company that has been focused since its founding on global development. Jan is responsible for strategic management, business development, marketing, and customer relationship management.
It's the kind of enthusiastic entrepreneur with over 7 years of experience who strongly believes that democratization of data in eCommerce would ease the business of all online entrepreneurs. Jan is a keynote speaker at TeCOMM, and the topic he is addressing is "The AI ​​Revolution in eCommerce and Key Trends for the Next Decade."

Cristian Ignat (Co-Founder & CEO Aggranda, Chief Canopyst @Canopy) comes with a premiere ecommerce market for task management. Aggranda creates software robots, designed to automate repetitive tasks in a company, reduce human error, and increase employee productivity. Why is an effective online store such a tool? Because in this way, the teams can concentrate their resources, both human and financial, on customizing the end user buying experience. "Process customization is the key to growing and scaling a business," says Cristian Ignat.

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