The Floria Group attacks the B2B market through its national flower and plant distribution

The Floria Group attacks the B2B market through its national flower and plant distribution

The Floria Group becomes a national player on the B2B segment and acts as a flower broker, becoming the local alternative to flower brokers in the Netherlands.

After consolidating its position in Flower Retailing (B2C), online through Floria.ro and offline through its 6 florists, the Floria Group focuses on B2B sales growth, a segment that generated 40% of consolidated business in the first nine months.

Corporate and SME clients generated in the first nine months of the year a turnover of 7 million RON, representing 40% of the Group's total.The consolidated turnover of the Floria Group in the first nine months was 17.5 million RON, with a 40% increase over the same period in 2017.

"Sales of the Floria Group have grown by 40% compared to the same period last year, due both to the expansion of B2B distribution nationwide through Floria International Wholesale and B2C through Floria.ro and the florist network. At this time, we are the only local alternative to flower brokers in the Netherlands and we ensure national distribution to resellers, regardless of their size "- said Adrian Ciucur, CEO of Floria Group.

Floria warehouse, the positive dynamic engine on B2B

The growth engine on the B2B segment is the Floria warehouse, by developing the distribution nationwide. Through a dedicated key account team, active in all areas of the country, the import division of the Floria Group addresses exclusively to resellers and flower and plant stores across the country. Also, small business clients, florists or independent florists are served through the webshop, the online platform through which they can order bulky flowers with delivery anywhere in the country.

"This year brought a retail focus, where we are recognized as an important player and we have a strong brand to the B2B segment. After consolidating operations in Bucharest, we have decided to expand ourselves nationwide as we have the resources to manage orders from anywhere in the country. We have integrated the Dutch florist and plant broker model that takes orders through key account staff from regional warehouses and through independent flower florists and florists webshop. For them delivery at the address represents an important operational advantage, having direct access to fresh flowers from the producers' stock in the Netherlands "- adds Adrian Ciucur.

The Floria Warehouse was launched in November 2016 with an investment of more than 100,000 euros, with an area of ​​330 sqm.

It functions as a logistics hub for national distribution to flower and plant stores across the country.

The Webshop is a specialized e-commerce platform where the Floria Group promotes the digitization of flower and plant distribution as a natural step towards the development of the Romanian market and raising the quality and efficiency standard in the field.

Through the Floria webshop, reseller vendors, floral creation workshops, florists and florist designers, event organizers or event rooms can order fresh, fast-growing flowers to be delivered directly to the florist or workshop.