Microsoft Romania, together with its partners, organizes Microsoft Tech Day, the 18th of October at Willbrook Platinum Business & Convention Center, the most important event dedicated to IT developers and IT specialists in Romania.

The event is free for participants. The event agenda brings together topics of interest to technology enthusiasts through hands-on sessions, technical demos and case studies to help IT professionals think and implement more concrete solutions to the most common challenges in the digital transformation area.

Among the speakers of the event are:

Alessandro Mursean, DevOps Lead UiPath will show how communication, collaboration and integration in software development greatly ease people's work.

Daniel Daraban, Senior Product Manager, Datacenter BitDefender and Gabriel Mazarache, Solutions Architect, Datacenter BitDefender, opens the track on cyber security and focuses on detecting behavioral threats.

The event is attended by four Microsoft Technology Specialists (MVP): Ciprian Jichici, MVP AI - Genisoft, Mihai Tataran, MVP Infrastructure - Avaelgo, Cristian Lefter, MVP Data and Vlad Iliescu, MVP AI. They will hold sessions on operational efficiency, reducing the risk and effort gained by going to cloud and solving problems with AI, Azure ML Studio and Python.

The conference will be structured on four tracks, following the main technological trends:

1.    OSS (Open Source)/DevOps

Alessandro Muresean, DevOps Lead at UiPath, shows how the unicorn of the Romanian software industry creates Microsoft-based applications.
DevOps focuses on communication, collaboration, and fusion between software developers and the IT operating area, providing many solutions for people to ease their work.

According to a 2018 report by DORA (DevOps Research and Evaluation Team), companies with highly competent DevOps departments, compared to those whose developers are not as advanced, perform 46 times more deployments, have a recovery time of 2,604 times faster and a 7-fold lower failure rate when the company goes through organizational transformations.

Jaroslav Stakun, Senior Solutions Architect Redhat, will present RedHat Openshift: a solution that can be both "traditional" "on-premise", but also in the cloud. Regardless of the usage scenario, Red Hat® OpenShift® is the Kubernetes prince platform for an extraordinary, faster experience than you can imagine. "

2. Security with BitDefender

3. Artificial Intelligence

The section introduces the latest Machine Learning, Cognitive Services and technologies that transform the applications and the way we do business.

Real solutions are presented, and participants can attend a discussion that aims to re-analyze the Titanic case and show how survival can be statistically predicted on the ship using Azure Machine Learning Studio and Python.

Ciprian Jichici, MVP AI, will hold a special session dedicated to the AI ​​for Humanitarian Action Program (AI for HA) aimed at harnessing the effectiveness of AI for disaster rehabilitation, responding to children's needs, protecting displaced persons and promoting respect for human rights.

4. Hybrid / cloud infrastructure solutions.

Cisco will present the latest and most advanced Cloud Hybrid Cloud solutions, developed in accordance with legal regulations in force, technical and business specific needs.

Azure Stack and Cisco allow customers to bring in their own data center an extension of the Azure platform, as well as specific configuration and deployment scenarios. One such example is the High Performance Computing solution in Cloud, implemented at Warner Bross.The solution involves applying "digital watermarks" to thousands of movies in just a few hours, saving weeks of work.

The full agenda of the event as well as the registration form are available here.
The number of seats is limited and is attributed in the order of requests received and validated by the organizer.