Marketing and Advertising Industry Associations together launch an educational program dedicated to media professionals and students

Marketing and Advertising Industry Associations together launch an educational program dedicated to media professionals and students

IAA Romania, BRAT (Romanian Audit Office Transmedia) and ARMA (Romanian Association for Audience Measurement) propose a joint educational project dedicated to young people with less than 3 years experience in the media.

This is the Strategy and Media Planning Module that will be launched this winter and will take place between March 15 and June 8. Subscriptions are open until 1st of March.

The program is suitable for those who work in media agencies, at a publisher or in a media department in a company, but also students. It is the most appropriate learning environment for those passionate about creativity and the science behind them: alongside the oldest people in the industry and even using real tools.

"The IAA School and the Media Module in particular offer students and graduates with an interest in the marketing and communication area a unique source of training where the curriculum and teaching is done by a group of top-level professionals directly involved in the industry. In this context, I emphasized first of all the unique opportunity of professional orientation, the companies represented being from media agencies, digital and research companies to top televisions, as well as industry research organizations. Practically the guides of progress in media advertising in Romania", explains Mihai Trandafir, Managing Director Universal McCann, BRAT Vice President, Media Module Professor.

The Media Strategy and Planning module proposes 14 days of course in which the participants will deepen the complex media environment, from the principles of media strategy, to campaign planning, monitoring and optimization, and final evaluation of the results.

Why is such an educational program necessary on the Romanian market?

Explains Lucia Antal, Marketing Director of PRO TV, ARMA President and Media Module Professor:

We have access to information wherever we are. We have access to information on almost any device: watch, phone, tablet, laptop, TV, radio. It is up to us to filter this information and, for those working in the field, to know how and where to share the information they have to communicate so as to reach the audience they want.I think this module is a great opportunity for young people who are at the beginning of marketing to understand the "backstage" and the essential elements they need to apply in a proper marketing strategy.”

This program comes as a response from representative industry associations to the need for the human resources market.This module addresses both those working in media agencies, media departments in medium and large companies and publishers.

"The placement of the Media Module under the guidance of the IAA School and the permanent involvement of the media associations guarantee young people a high level of knowledge and information, access to the most advanced methods of research and media planning and contact with top professionals in the field, "said Victor Dobre, Executive Director of IAA Romania.

Industry seniors teach at the Strategy and Media Planning Module ​

The Media Chair will be held, in turn, by: Alexandra Dimitriu (Managing Director of Publicis Groupe Media Bucharest) who will open the course with Mihai Trandafir (Managing Director Universal McCann), Stefan Teodorescu (Marketing Strategy & Capability Director Ursus Breweries) which will provide an in-depth understanding of marketing principles.

The course will continue with the media strategy, also presented by Alexandra Dimitriu and with the evaluation of media, print, radio and outdoor products, along with Arina Ureche (BRAT General Manager).

Lucia Antal (Marketing Director of PRO TV and President of ARMA) will discuss the strategic vision in TV and monitoring in this environment, together with Liliana Mihailescu and Dragos Pinciu from ARMA. Dragos Stanca (Managing Director, ThinkDigital & BRAT President) will provide insight into digital media: over the course of 3 days, he will present his strategy, digital planning and optimization, along with surprise guests.

The course will end with focus on special media projects, alongside Alexandra Dimitriu, and campaign planning with Alexandra and Mihai Trandafir.

After graduating from this module, students should know what data they are generally used in the media and advertising industry, how they check whether they are appropriate or trustworthy for the proposed goal, how to use them, they will understand how much you can learn about a category people just using statistical results", explains Arina Ureche, BRAT General Manager.

Dedicated to students

A pleasant surprise is that this module is also dedicated to students in a higher education institution who want to specialize in the media. For them the organizers offer a preferential price of 500 EUR (+ VAT).

Entries are open until March 1, 2019 here. And the other modules offered by the IAA School, the Fundamentals of Marketing and Communication and the Marketing and Digital Communication Strategy Module, are getting new students for the spring editions.

And if you sign up firmly in December you get a 10% discount on any module.

IAA School is an IAA Romania project set up 11 years ago in 2007, which trained 550 young marcomm specialists in the 31 editions.

For more details on the subjects studied, prices, enrollment, we invite you to consult the IAA School website. For details and registrations you can contact us at: laura.tampa@iaa.ro.