Gemius and Evensys disclose the results of “Leading Brands” study at Digital Marketing Forum

Digital Marketing Forum event to take place on March 6th at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Bucharest will disclose the results of “Leading Brands” yearly study developed by Evensys and Gemius.

The study aims at evaluating the online presence of brands and identifying the top brands of four large industries: telecomunications, automotive, personal care and banking. Hence, the study targets to establish which are the most popular and trusted Romanian brands through the eyes of online users.




According to Catalin Emilian, Country Manager, Gemius Research Romania, „each year, the online mark of brands gets more complex and harder to be evaluated, while the results of the study offer relevant information about marketing and compa nies all together, in the perspective of consumers. To its sixth edition, Leading Brands study alrady become a tradition and offers the possibility to screen the brands considering the perception tendencies of online users.”

Also, Cristian Manafu, Managing Partner Evensys stated thatinternet becamea mature communication setting, offering results; either they mirror the sales, the performance or awareness. The Online Leading Brands study confirms these results and discloses the brand performance in online setting, delivering also significant knowledge to advertising people and agencies.”


Find more details on the event on the official site here