BCR introduces a new internet banking - based payment method, directly on merchants’ sites

The Romanian Commercial Bank (BCR) provides its clients with a new payment method for the products ordered on websites of partner merchants, through Click 24 Banking, in partnership with PayU

This solution is very easy to use: after choosing the desired product or service on partner merchants’ website and opting payment through this option, the clients are directed to Click 24 Banking BCR where, after logging into the application, they will be able to visualize the payment order directly, prefilled with the order’s data. The clients only need verify the payment details and to authorize the payment.


“Instant payment of products through internet banking comes to support the growing electronic commerce, as an alternative to the payment on delivery, especially for trusted merchants that provide high quality services. The method’s simplicity and BCR‘s guarantee that no personal data is transmitted to merchants within this process will help clients to choose in an even higher share the electronic payments in the detriment of cash payments on delivery”, Bogdan Marin declared, Director Retail Channels Managements within BCR.


Trading through internet banking delivers a high degree of security to the entire process. Trading is authorized based on unique codes generated by the token device, in the internet banking area administrated by the bank, offering the highest guarantee to the clients that no details concerning the payment method will be transmitted to merchants.


“Internet Banking payment with instant confirmation – the fifteenth payment method in PayU Romania’s portfolio – contributes to the growth of online payment in the electronic commerce, providing benefits both to merchants and to online buyers. Buyers can safely pay with a method they are already familiarized with, in maximum safety conditions, while for online shops it generates additional business, while reducing operational costs. Merchants have simple and fast access to the new payment channel, by signing an additional act to the underlying contract with PayU. In most cases, activation of the new method does not need technical interventions on the already existing flow”, Daniel Nicolescu declared, CEO PayU Romania.


Confirmation of transaction is instantly transmitted to merchants and thus the order is immediately issued.


There are no costs for execution of payment through internet and no additional costs for using the Click 24 Banking service. Always only the value of ordered products is paid.


“Online stores with trustful, user-friendly sites and fast deliveries know that these innovative methods are capable to grow their sales and secure their incomes. This is why we count on a quick adoption of this new payment method within their line of business. We are prepared to promote them to our clients and to explain them all advantages brought in by such payment method”, Bogdan Marin added.


This payment method provides:

  • Simplicity – prefilled payment order, simple authorization of the transaction;
  • Security – authentication and authorization based on the token device in Click 24 Banking BCR;
  • Rapidity – instant confirmation of transaction;
  • Efficiency – fast transactions, no cash, through payment order.


Clients who wish to use this payment method will recognize this payment option through the presence of BCR logo on partner electronic commerce websites.