Axis launches a new device for greater installation flexibility

Axis launches a new device for greater installation flexibility

PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology offers integrated systems the advantage of reducing the number of cables needed to operate the installed equipment, enabling power and data transfer via the same interface.

 The operation is done with some limitations, because the technology can not operate over distances of more than 100 meters. To solve this problem, Axis Communications created the PoE infrastructure expansion solution by launching the AXIS T8129, which allows users to design systems in which connections can exceed this limit. To complement the portfolio, the manufacturer announces a diversification of the solution by launching a new weather-resistant and extreme temperature model, the T8129-E.

For any designer of modern video surveillance, monitoring or alarm systems, the presence of PoE technology is an absolute necessity, because in addition to reducing initial costs, it simplifies the installation process, and can also contribute to long-term and lower maintenance costs.

In this context, where PoE-enabled devices are being used on a wider scale, the 100-meter-long distance that can work properly for such a connection is increasingly an impediment. The simple solution is to install PoE-enabled switches every 100 meters, but this approach is not cost-effective and sometimes not applicable, as it requires additional power supply. Observing this evolution, Axis Communications has launched the T8129 expansion solution - a dedicated device that allows for technological limitations to be overcome and thus offers more flexibility to designers and users.

According to the same principle, the company is now launching a new PoE-T8129-E infrastructure expansion device, which differs from the previous model with its outstanding resilience and ability to operate under very diverse environmental conditions, allowing it to be deployed in both indoor and outdoor systems.

Thanks to support for the IEEE 802.3af, IEEE 802.3at, and PoE 60W standards, the new AXIS T8129-E extender is an intelligent, easy-to-install solution that allows you to scale up your network coverage range from 100 meters up to a maximum of 400 hundred meters. It does not require additional power sources and provides maximum bandwidth for data transfers across the entire connection.

Configuration of speed and working mode is done automatically for the 2 Ethernet ports, depending on the network specifications. Moreover, the highly durable housing, certified IP66 / IP67, guarantees long-term reliability as well as the ability to operate under extremely difficult environmental conditions. Thus, the AXIS T8129-E can work smoothly at ambient temperatures between -400C and + 60C, under conditions of dust, rain and even temporary water immersion.

The new AXIS T8129-E PoE Extender is compatible with all AXIS cameras that have PoE technology and will be available in the network of authorized partners starting in September. It complements an already complex portfolio of security and surveillance products and will provide developers with a degree of flexibility in designing and installing such integrated systems.